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I already spent most of 2008 explaining my post on starting a new company.  I’ll give a quick summary:  the beginning of 2008 began slowly, but picked up during the middle of the year.  At the end of the year, it stalled because of the economy and most companies are not hiring right now, so the business side is not what I hoped for but I’m going to patient about it since a business is a marathon (my family has a different view about it).

However, 2008 has been the most fun time I ever had.  I got my first national TV appearance on C-SPAN from a book signing I attended.  I have been attending more social events for the sake of business and friends.  I went to my second trip (ever) outside the DC area to Chicago this past summer, attended my first two playoff games in DC, went to the 4th of July in DC, got partial season tickets for the Nationals (just want to see the new stadium and the Nats sucking), and partial season tickets for the best team in DC, the Caps. 

Although my business was stagnant and left my last company at the end of summer, I’ve been doing a lot of blogging on this site since I left and felt a lot better sharing my feelings, ideas, sharing my point of view to the world.  I feel like right now, you (the readers) are getting the real me.  If I’m a co-worker or meet you for the first time, I tend to stay conservative since I don’t want to shock them or get fired.   The internet has given me many opportunities to find old and new friends and open up a lot to many topics.  If it wasn’t for the social media sites, I wouldn’t know how to create dialogue.

To sum this up; if you’re going to take this on a monetary basis, it was not a good year for me.  Not because I made bad decisions, it was mere bad luck ( I blame W., Cheney, Adam Archuleta, the whole works).  If you’re looking at this on a “spiritual” basis, this was the boldest, most fun, adventurous time I ever had.  I also want people who got laid off or having problems, just look at your “spiritual” side and not monetary when reflecting in 2008 and find something to carry momentum into 2009. 

For 2009, I can surely tell you that I won’t do anything bold or adventurous.  Let me get this out of the way:  losing weight in on the list and will probably continue to be  until the end of time or when toning my body is feasible.   I’m also going to save my money until either the economy becomes stable, either of my family members hit the lottery (a big thing in our family), or I hit the jackpot of something unexpected such as my company making $100K or someone wants my service other than HR.  Probably the most fun I want to do in 2009 is actually I want to start to grow a beard.  I think it will be cool to have a beard:  shows comradery, people think you’re intelligent, and I would be a sexy beast (ok, sexy is too strong a word, but you get the point).  I got the new hairdo this year, so why not a new image for next year?!

Finally, if there’s a chance, I would like to see my friends on the week of January 20 when the Inauguration of Obama comes that week and see their faces for the first time in a long time, which includes my high school and college friends, fellow NPR interns, Mr. Tony’s fansite group, and the HR bloggers.  Also, if you’re wondering, I’m not going to split my blog into 5 different areas like many others have tried.  What you see is what you get from this blog:  all me, although I want nicknames (The Mr. Tony Group and my best friends are set, what about the others, hmm?).  Also, I’m going to do a few more vlogs for the hell of it and write the topics that interest me:  Me and Potpourri.

Anyway, I’ll see you in 2009.

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