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I mentioned in my last personal assessment that I did, I mention that I will own the year. It didn’t start off right.

When 2011 began, our landlord towed our family car because it didn’t have a sticker, although the landlord never handed out the sticker. Then, in the later months, I had to find a tax accountant since my original accountant bailed on me without warning. It didn’t look good for the first few months. After the Capitals were swept by the Tampa Bay Lightning, it was getting worse…until the idea of NatsJobs came upon.

When that moment hit, I had my biggest client to date, and had the buzz surrounding this new venture. I started this for fun and has grown into a potential avenue for me. It made decent money, but could have been more if I expanded the scope. Remember, NatsJobs this year was only social media. Next year, it will definitely be expanded and be useful not only for job seekers, but for companies looking for potential hires.

Of note since it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want: if you’re interested in our NatsJobs newsletter and the big changes for next year, send it to tracy [at] tranrecruiting[dot]com. We will announce the big changes during the beginning of Nationals Spring Training.

A new venture, new clients; this was a solid year after a struggling beginning, but to finish off the year, I became a Godfather to Mason Isaiah Tran, and I was selected as one of the finalists for the Greatest D.C. Sports Fans contest.  Although I did not win, it felt great to be recognized as one on the ten best D.C. sports fans out there (albeit subjectively, but I’ll take it).

I felt 2011 was the warm-up act for 2012 with the momentum I having the end of the year. I can tell you the promises I made the previous years…it will come true in 2012:

  • You know I mention that I wanted to travel for the past few years. Well…I WILL be traveling this year for the first time in 4 years. In March, I will be going to Orlando for Spring Training to see the Nats (Yes, I know their spring training site is in Viera, but I got a great deal to go to Orlando). In July, I will be going to Williamsburg, VA for vacation, and possibly going to Atlanta for the strip clubs…er, I mean the 2012 SHRM Conference.
  • As you know from the site (and the URL) that I’m a big Tony Kornheiser fan and e-mailer, and Tony is a big supporter of me. On January 9th, we will both meet for the first time. I have heard all the “backstage” stories about Mr. Tony, so I will come prepared.
  • As I mention earlier; a bigger, badder, bolder NatsJobs.
  • I return as a season ticket holder for the Washington Nationals.
  • Doing a few side projects and experiments.
  • Of course, the election.
As for the blog, I have a few friends who gave up their personal blogs because they found their voices through social media sites. I found my voice through social media and found a lot of friends as well. However, I find social media to be a soundbite to what is trending and what they have to say on a topic. Short-form blogging (or writing) is fine if you have an opinion and want to reach out. I’m still going to use this blog because I still prefer the long-form method. I want to give details and the reasoning behind what I think and what I do so my friends and my audience can understand me. To me, social media is a synopsis, but the blog is the thesis of my life. I would rather tell the latter. (Oh, and don’t be surprise if you see a segment I used to do here, returning to this blog.)

I can’t wait until 2012 arrives. Pop the Perrier.

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