My Sacrifice

Don’t worry; this is not about the song from Creed. Today is Fat Tuesday, so I am loading up on food today (I’m not a party person, unless it’s for a good cause… seriously.) Tomorrow will be Ash Wednesday, thus begin lent season. Of course tomorrow and several Fridays, Catholics can’t eat meat. Well, for my sacrifice, I’m going one step further: I’m going to diet and cut the sweets, carbs, and sugar. Basically I’m going to be stuck with salads and subs (Not on Friday’s of course). Now that I’m out of college, I have free time and there are no excuses now. Now, this is different from a resolution, where you’re actually drunk and have no conscience. This is a commitment I have to make. So for the next 45 days, I am on a mission of losing weight. If anyone can read this, if you see me breaking my commitment, please whoop my ass hard. Also tomorrow, I will have 45 daily updates on my progress, and a couple of random notes on the side.

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