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This has been a very busy few months for me as I have been focusing and promoting a lot lately: NatsJobs.

If you have been running away from me the past few months, NatsJobs is an interactive job board where any business can post jobs during Washington Nationals games. Last year, it was a social media experiment that I was playing with and ended up as a potential cash cow for my company, Tran Recruiting. I mentioned last year that NatsJobs will be bigger, bolder, and better (somewhat in that order). I didn’t lie.

For the upcoming 2012 season, we are covering the bases. NatsJobs now has:

– A Homepage:
– A Twitter Page: @_natsjobs_
– A Facebook Page:
– SMS/Text Messaging by texting “_natsjobs_” to 40404
– An actual email address:
– Coming soon, the NatsJobs mobile site
– A Hologram of me…I kid. (Also, a lot of people ask me if the job will be posted on the HD Jumbotron at Nationals Park. Let me answer in two parts: 1) we’re not affiliated with the Washington Nationals and 2) It’s damn expensive)

You would think that would be enough, but I wasn’t satisfied.

Also for the 2012 season, we are holding contests and big events each month:

April: Tickets to the home opener against the Cincinnati Reds if your business post a job during the opening series against the Cubs.

May: #NatsSeekers – where 80 job seekers and 20 recruiters/HR/hiring managers network and watch the game. It’s on May 15 against the San Diego Padres at 1PM…a perfect time to do your work. Details coming soon.

June: Another #NatsSeekers opportunity, but more at a bar/restaurant. Looking for sponsors and venue.

July: I’ll let everyone take their vacation.

August: Someone will win a trip to the Season Ticket Holder event on August 4. You have to post a job with us by July 31.

September: One lucky business will not only win tickets to a Nationals game, but will join me at the Stars & Stripes Club. More details to come.

Pricing is a little different than last year. Yes, I raised the prices because we want everyone to have access to our job board either on their home computer, laptop, smartphone, cell phone, tablet, and billboard (not really). However, I kept it reasonable so you don’t bust your recruiting budget. It is $28 for non-profits, associations, government, and for-profit companies with 50 or fewer employees; $37 for for-profit companies with 50+ employees; and $99 if you want to post your job for a week of Nationals games. As an added bonus, if applicants missed your job post during the game, they can go to our job archives section where it will be there for the next 7 Nats games. If you want a head start to reserve your half-inning, click here.

If you have any questions, you can contact me. You know where I am 😉

Of note: if you feel this blog post feels promotional, well…yeah, it is my blog. Plus, I’m both the founder of Tran Recruiting and NatsJobs, so there’s a hint.

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