I love going to these networking events not only to meet new people, but also helping out my company because I’ll be honest, our company is not known in this country.  If it were any country except the U.S., we’re rock stars.  It’s the David Beckham syndrome.   Networking is probably the number one tool of getting new people since they know the face and the company you work with.  The problem in my short networking career is location and space.  Some networking events were very cool, like the one I attended at my Alma Mater at George Mason.  There was food, sessions, and a big space for networking.  I also attended a couple of non-profit events and there was a huge crowd and great space. 

And then there are networking events that I ahve no idea why it was held.  There was one event last Monday that there 80 people attended and the space is as big as a halway of a mobile home.  It was an open invitation, but mostly it was for one school (I won’t reveal the name, but here’s a hint: it’s four letters).  If it was private, I would understand, but its public, please expand to a bigger area.  So remember in networking events: find big space, get a good amount of people. find great service, and find people that care for what they are searching for.  Oh, I stayed there for an hour.  In hindsight, I wish I stayed a little longer after what happened in the National Championship. 

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