New house

Ok, the subject is misleading. My brothers just brought a townhouse in Fair Oaks. Although our family couldn’t go inside, it is a very nice house. As far as I know, they’re going to have a pool table, darts, and a ping pong table. Also, they have a very good patio. For next month, my brothers are having separate house-warming parties for obvious reasons.

Now, the reason I mention this because in the next four to five years, my parents and I have to probably move out because the trailer park is interfering with the development in Fairfax County. So, our family is planning of moving out in the next three years. Sadly, with the housing boom and our (my father and I ) tiny salaries, our best bet is an apartment. If you want to know the trailer parks are going to be an office/residential building that is becoming the norm in the DC Metro area (ask the many clubs that were shut down this year).

I hope in the near future that someone in our family is getting rich (leader: Nathan) and buy a house for the family with a garage so my father can fix cars for the neighborhood and start a very small business. As for me, Most of the money I earned will go to my parents and the new home. Also, I would save for my own life and life in Rosslyn, Virginia to live outside of DC and take the Metro every time. Although my brothers’ townhouse looks great, I’m worried if there is an affordable house in the next 4 or 5 years. With the housing boom going on, that might be tough.

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