On Boston

I have never been to Boston. I want to one day. I have a few friends there and from my friends who have visited there, they say  it’s a great city.

I’m wondering why would someone terrorize a beautiful place in their most prestigious holiday? Even in most wars in the Middle East, they don’t fight on holidays, but after the holiday and when midnight strikes, they fight again like a Black Friday sales event. Someone broke that cardinal rule and ruined what is Boston’s holiday.

To make matters worse, the bomb was set up near the VIP section of the families who were affected by the Newtown tragedy. On top of that, of the 3 reported dead, one of them was an eight-year old boy.

Then I realize the date: April 15. It was Patriots Day, but it was also Tax Day, where people must file their taxes. For some, patriots and taxes don’t go hand-in-hand. Although there are no suspects and we don’t know the reason for the attack, I wouldn’t be shock if this was the reason.

Why would someone do a selfish act of taking lives of others because their situation was not great? Are they really that paranoid that someone has ruined their opportunity and take it out on the innocent? I had a lot of bad days, but I fight through it because I have supportive family and friends.

We try to find the reason for why someone is evil and why they do heinous acts. What I learned from living on this earth is don’t think about why their evil… Attack them with kindness like a hug, handshake, fist bump, etc. Attack them by striking a conversation. Attack them by helping them “cross the finish line.” Look at the Boston first responders. When the explosion happened, the first responders attack through the barricades and rescue as many lives as they can. People get depressed when they feel disrespected, betrayed, and/or abandoned. Some will channel that into good, but some would think evil as their last resort.

We can have all the laws enact to have more gun control, more security, and more freedom to protect ourselves, but there will still be evil around. To combat that, we can’t be on the defensive; we have to be on the offensive and attack the problem head on. We can be scared for a second or even a minute, but eventually, we have to face it no matter what. Isn’t that we want to do and ask for is face our fears?


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