On Roger Ebert

I don’t know Roger Ebert personally like many others, but with his writings and his personality, you felt there’s a connection. Recently, I have read more about his Catholic beliefs since I am Catholic as well. His essays made me think I am not alone on this, which he writes eloquently. He was probably the best advocate of Catholicism than anyone, including priests. Since he is gone now, that mantle likely goes to Stephen Colbert.

Ebert is famous for his movie reviews and he was the source I trust him to find movies I should enjoy. If it wasn’t for Ebert, I wouldn’t discover the strangest movie I ever watched, Songs from the Second Floor.

And discover one of the best romantic films I’ve seen, Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Which includes, one of my favorite scenes:

By the way, I have a pink shirt with that famous symbol.

I am not sure there will be anyone who will speak gracefully about religion and film than Roger Ebert and the sad part is I don’t know anyone who can replace him. That is my disappointment why I’m going to miss him.

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