One Crazy August Day

It was one crazy Saturday that had a potential of being a wreck, but instead, I caused the wreck… in a good way.

It started in the morning with Eli’s baptism. I really like our pastor who gave details what are the next steps are and why they have to do it.  Here’s the video of Eli being baptized (For the record, my dad was holding the Flip, while I was handling the main camcorder):

After the baptism, it was off to lunch at my brother’s house and give Eli presents. One of my favorites was a hand sewn sandals my in-law made for Eli.

After lunch, it was off to the Metro to see some friends before heading to Nationals Park for the Nats-Cards.  However, when I entered the Vienna station, I encountered this.

That’s right, tea party people tailgating outside the station waiting for their family and friends.  Luckily, I put on a disguise, for which I will reveal later. When I got on, there was a full train of people coming from the Glen Beck rally and kind of expecting the worse.

It was a peaceful ride from Vienna to Rosslyn at the Orange Line, but when the train arrived at Foggy Bottom, the rush was on. From Foggy Bottom to my stop at Eastern Market, the platforms were full of Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton’s supporters coming into the train. I’m worried that my train would cause a riot. I came out unscathed and exited Eastern Market with no scratches.

I met up with the rest of the Mr. Tony littles at Ted’s Bulletin, which is from the owners of the popular Matchbox. It had an old 40s feel: the setting, the menus, the ambiance, and there’s no reception for cell phones. It’s a bit pricey, but there’s a lot food, so the price is justified.  If you’re wondering, I had the Walk of Shame Breakfast Burrito. It sounds like a Man v. Food item, but it wasn’t spicy or huge enough, but it was savory and tasty. After a few drinks, it was time to head to the ballpark.

At the ballpark, I was circling around getting a Pudge bobblehead, trying to find baby clothes for Eli and something for myself, and then found @DCyetti@Darkmeathook, and Maggie and Ashley of First Ladies of Baseball at the Scoreboard Walk.  Then, a camera man spotted me with the Elvis Silver Wig and ask me to participate in the Fan of the Game and jump around for 30 seconds. So I did:

(Courtesy of Maggie and Ashley of First Ladies of Baseball)

I was trying to pull a combo of Ric Flair “WOOOO!” and WWE’s Edge current entrance. If I have to do it again, I should of swerve my hips like Elvis and have a much more planned 30 seconds than the hooting and screaming. Nonetheless, my buffoonery won Fan of the Game and a $50 gift certificate from Harris Teeter. During the game, people were congratulating me, giving me hi-fives, and even strangers wanted to take pictures with me.

As for the game, it was something special as the Nats scored the most runs in their home park with 14, and won their 100th game at home.  It was an entertaining game as we saw controversial calls, an offensive explosion, and enjoying it with friends.

Before I continue, I must say on Nyjer Morgan’s play in the 8th inning, it looked like he was safe, but there was no replay. When I got home, I saw Nyjer missed the plate and intentionally was aiming for Brian Anderson, the Cardinals backup catcher. I really like Nyjer, aka Tony Plush, since he started the silver Elvis wig tradition within and inspired me to make a replica, but I guess he still has the hockey mentality to hit than play it straight and touch the base.  Riggleman was right to bench him on Sunday.

Moving on.

After the game, I went to the Navy Yard Metro station and one person yelled out “Fan of the Game” and everyone on the platform looked at the stairs and saw me coming down and did my thing for the people. When I got into the train, there were a few who banged on the windows to congratulate me and a couple said that “It was an honor to be with the Fan of the Game” (exact quote).  When i got to the Orange Line, I had the same responses, but after the Ballston stop, the remaining crowd in my train gave me a round of applause. I said jokingly that “This is biggest applause inside the Metro train will ever received.”

All in all, it was one of the strangest days with Eli’s baptism, the rally, the metro, the ball game, and winning Fan of the Game, although, my biggest regret is that I didn’t score any chicks after I won Fan of the Game. However, I can say I was part of history and enjoyed it with my family and friends (and strangers).  I can finally be known as the “Fun Uncle” for Eli.

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