One Year After Mid-Life Crisispalooza

Written by Tracy

This week is my birthday and I have to say, I had an adventurous 30th year in life:

Do I expect my 31st year to be as epic? Not really, but I could try.

As you know, every birthday year on this blog, I have a list charities to donate as a gift for my readers, friends, followers, creepers, you name it. This year, it’s self-explanatory. I mention I work for Recruit4Cause, a social enterprise job board where portions of the sale go to charity. If you have a job opening, you can post to Recruit4Cause’s site and donate to these charities:

As a bonus, if you do post your job on Recruit4Cause’s site, I will assist you on finding the people that you need.

My 30th year was pretty good. Maybe it’s the following year I finally become an old man.

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