Our new puppy

A month ago, my brother, TK, adopted a dog from his good friend.  I’m not good at breeds, but it looks like a mix between a poodle and shih tzu.  When everyone is at work, my brother drops off the dog to my house so mom doesn’t get lonely.  Actually, it’s very nice to have a pet around and take care of it.  The puppy’s name is “Puffy Saigon Tran.”  Puffy issmall and young, but very jubilant and obedient.  I love Puffy come around and play for a few minutes.  The only problem I have with Puffy is that she has a foot fetish on me.  She loves to lick my toes for some reason (I know the reason, but It’s from work, give me a break.).  It’s like the ATHF’s “Handbanana” episode (If don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t bother).  That is the only flaw, but Puffy is a great addition to our family and finally, I’m not the youngest anymore.

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