Pushing Daisies Episode 9 Cliff Notes Version

Just to let you know that I had time to come back home to watch the whole episode and be a little late of the live-blogging. However, my business skills took over and came in 15 minutes into the show, here would of been my comments:

  • First episode without Lil’Ned.   Good break.
  • I would be crying if I shot a clown statue.  Poor Chuckles!
  • If she weren’t dead and came back alive, Chuck would be so much fun.  She’s choke full of surprises.
  • Seems the mystery is obsolete and now is the secondary part of the show.  Can you say transition to a feature-length movie?
  • It’s the kid from Weeds.  From his experience with Mary-Louise Parker, he knows how to position his head.
  • Wilbon acting like the real Wilbon.  Hates rain, reasonable, wants to move to Arizona.
  • Tap that and a follow Dick Van Dyck’s ass.  Two separate thoughts
  • “Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me.”
  • Man, does the show have to turn once beloved characters Jimmy James of NewsRadio and Mike from Ed and turn them into a-holes on this show?  I’m worried Bryan Fuller is tying brainwash classic shows and force everyone to like his show.  It mostly work, but I still like NewsRadio and Ed.
  • Chocolate Cake?  How about Strawberry Shortcake next time?!
  • Robert Irvine vs. Paula Deen fighting at the Pie Hole.
  • Is there a raincoat of egg rolls somewhere?
  • Classic moment:  Olive Snook actually jump and chest bump Wilbon. 
  • David Koechner really appreciates playing facial hair roles.
  • More and more I look into it, I do feel why the show is getting cancelled.  I do not want to stare Charles Charles the whole time unless he had a Marcia Cross transformation.
  • You know the show wants the mystery aspect of the show out by already telling us who did it.
  • Norah went from Koechner to Shorty?  Seems a horizontal move to me.
  • Here’s the kid’s timeline:  Went from Mary-Louise Parker -> Kristin Chenoweth -> Anna Friel -> Ended up with David Koechner.  Dude got a raw deal.
  • Wilbon having a Katrina Witt moment.
  • The spoon lands in Detroit.  No wonder she stayed.
  • Oh no, Charles wants cake and he’s going to Baltimore.  He better watch out for the Wire.
  • Next Week’s episode is The Norwegians where Wilbon meets his Norwegian self.  Dude loves to go Scandinavia.
  • That would be the last “publicity episode.”  The 5 remaining shows are yet to determine to air.  Tell us now ABC.

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