Quick Update

*If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media site, you will notice that my profile picture turn to pitch black in a couple of sites.  If you’re wondering, this is copying from Stephen Fry ( @stevenfry), who blackout his profile for several weeks to protest New Zealand’s internet copyright laws.  It won’t have the same effect, but I want to blackout because it’s Lent Season and I don’t feel a picture of me would be appropriate during this season.  If you want to know what I look like before today, go into my Facebook page and take a look at my previous profile pictures.  I will keep my profile picture on Linkedin and the other business social networking sites because I need to have a picture for business people to see, but I’m warning some that the picture is outdated.  The whole blackout will end after Lent Season, then I’ll post the result on Saturday after Good Friday.

Just to warn people that I’m going to network and do business deals in the next several weeks…I won’t bite, I’m not going to scare you, and I’m not going to be like Joaquin Phoenix.  Just think of me as a Teddy Bear with glasses, but with a serious demeanor of getting business done (if that helps) :). 

*Following up on the Selectology post, I mention my friend, Chris Dobbertean has his bracketology website, Bracketdobber.com.  Well, the site will close in a couple weeks because Dobber will be handling bracketology for SBNation.com.  Go to Dobber’s Twitter and website for more details, and I want to congratulate Dobber of stepping up from amateur to a professional bracketologist.  You earned it.

*Just recently added: My brother Thanh (TK for the American folks) just got engaged.  Now, I have to get a tux within a year.  NERTZ (w/love).

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