Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear

To be upfront, this is my first “rally” I’ve ever attended and I should have plan it better.  I knew there will be a lot of people from Friday Night when a lot of visitors were coming over, but the audience was overwhelming with signs, costumes, and others. This was the D.C. version of Mardi Gras (although we were missing the ladies flashing).

As for the event, this doesn’t seem to be a rally, but a live-action after school live special event.  There was entertainment, but there was meaning to every joke and song and that made the event more effective.  The only “rallying” part from the rally was the last 15 minutes when Stewart strip the comedian moniker for that moment and spoke as Jon Stewart, the person.

(If you’re wondering about my shaky video, I was between chain barrier and the porta potties. A lot of people had to go over or under the chain and had to help them out.)

After the rally, I walked around D.C. to find a restaurant that was not packed. Two and half hours later, I finally found a place at Kinkead’s and met two families (one from California and the other in Pennsylvania) who came to the rally and discuss about the event and the ramifications.  Everyone (including myself) agreed the rally was necessary to have the 80% to be heard, although none of us don’t know if 1) the audience in that rally was atypical or typical of the American public and 2) encourages people to go to the polls this Tuesday.

From the discussions I had with the two families and from the event, there are two problems why we’re in this situation. One is we are under-educated who the candidates are. All we know from the candidates is what is their party affiliation and the numerous negative ads. The problem is the voters have to vote on a candidate they know little of, which leads to the main target the rally was aimed towards.

If you watch the Daily Show, they do chastise politicians, but they chastise more on the media covering the events.  This was the main point that people came to the rally because they want an actual reality, not a perceived reality that is giving from the media.   They want to talk, not given a lecture on to be scared of. This is a money quote from Stewart:

The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems, bringing them into focus, illuminating issues heretofore unseen, or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire, and then perhaps host a week a shows on the sudden, unexpected dangerous flaming ant epidemic.

If we amplify everything we hear nothing.

If there is a downside from the rally, it was that food the rally was providing, was expensive. That’s not sanity or reasonable.

Overall, it didn’t feel of a political rally since there were no politicians or pundits, which I think was the goal for Jon Stewart and the crew that people not should have fun, but put the event in perspective why we’re here: Restore Sanity.

Other observations:

  • I wanted to meet the other friends whom I converse regularly on Twitter, but the best I could find was two friends from high school I haven’t met in a few years. What a rally can do.
  • There were too many creative signs and costumes and I love it. I regret putting it on the Flip Camera (my Droid died on me during the event).
  • Armando Galarraga, Velma Hart (who was a keynote speaker at the Nonprofit HR conference, where I attended), the guy who bashed someone who was bashing Muslims (sorry, didn’t get the name) and Mick Foley won the Medal of Reason. This is the second happiest moment for Mama Foley’s Little Boy. The first:
  • After the rally, all the bars and restaurants from Penn Quarter to the Farragut area was packed, so I had to walk to Foggy Bottom to get something to eat.
  • Another fault from the Rally for Sanity crew is they put the estimate event at 60,000 on the application to reserve space at the National Mall.  Do they know who they are?
  • For the record, I wore my NPR baseball shirt to see what reaction I got. The only mention about my shirt came from the California family I met at Kinkead’s.

Pics from the Rally

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