Random Thoughts – 8/4/2013

I have nothing special to write this Sunday. So on occasion, I have  my long view thoughts that goes beyond Twitter (and Facebook):

  • Baseball is trying too hard to be pure. I know this isn’t a main factor, but baseball is the only sport that cares about records. Since baseball talks about records, they care too much if the records are clean. In other sports, the main objective is winning. I would think baseball is losing interest in the mainstream is not of superstars, but trying to be something that is almost impossible to achieve in this day of age. Let’s be honest, anything can be a performance enhancer. It’s how you obtain that baseball, any other league, and the government should focus on.
  • I hate the #nofilter hashtag. What is the point of that hashtag? Did Instagram users filtered too much early on? If so, maybe I understand it better, but filters are suppose to give your point of view. I don’t have an issue if people use filters. It’s their perspective.
  • I wish I could of gone to Woodbridge to get the Roger Bernadina “Sharkarine” but had family obligations. Now, I’m craving for Little Caesars. Last time I had Little Caesars was in the mid 90s. The pizza was very thin, but I love their crazy bread. I wish they could come back to Fairfax.
  • Speaking of that, a lot of new shops opened in my area like Dickey’s, Frostberi, and Penn Station East Coast Subs. The first two franchises are owned by Vietnamese people. I feel my neighborhood is becoming the little Eden Center. All it needs is a Vietnamese Little Caesars and a Shophouse/Tom Yum District to be in the discussion for Little Saigon.
  • Any other restaurants that have Primanti Bros. style sandwiches in the D.C. area besides The Liberty Tavern?
  • The Washington Post really needs an overhaul. Subscriptions are down, but I’m more worried about their online product. The only part I like about Washington Post is doing is having personal franchises like Wonkblog and The Switch being independent. I really think the Washington Post needs to embrace the blogger network they have adapted to bring in more readers. The reporting part of the paper can still be about journalism; they need more quality.
  • Thank you ESPN for giving me Cricket on my computer.
  • I can’t wait for the Metro Silver Line to open. Yes, it’s going to be a mess, but it is worth it.
  • Finally, I am still available for recruiting work. Call or email me and yes, I will still keep staying this until I get hired.

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