Sadly, My Birthday is Next Week

Next week, it will be my 26th Birthday or as others call, “One Year Closer to Death.”  I would never do a birthday post since, to me, sounds condescending, until I discover Facebook has a birthday wish to donate to a charity/organization.  I love the idea so much, I want to start a new tradition that on my birthday, I want people to donate to my favorite charities.  Here are the five charities:

1. American Special Hockey Association – I chose the ASHA as one of two primary sponsors is because the Capitals Convention is two days after my birthday and one week before the NHL season starts and I have transition myself to a huge puckhead.  I really love the ASHA because they help the disadvantage how to play the game of hockey and how hockey builds strong character among those who have a disability.  Here’s the Causes link to donate.

1A. The Hockey Foundation – I met Adam Sherlip and other fellow DC hockey fans at a tweetup last summer and I came with two impressions:  1) when you wear an original Brooklyn Americans shirt, you know a lot about hockey and 2) his knowledge and love hockey cannot be match.  Sherlip goes to places like China and India and teach people the game of hockey and give them the resources to play.  Sherlip is showing that hockey is truly a global sport.

2. Miriam’s Kitchen – They were the main sponsor for the DC Twestival and a great organization to help the homeless.  They provide free, high quality meals to the homeless and they deserve it.  Also, in 2010, Miriam’s Kitchen will have a dinner program; an additional bonus for the homeless.  I’m glad the Twestival organizers select Miriam’s Kitchen.

3. American Hair Loss Association – The AHLA is there for the sole purpose that I want to grow a beard.  I actually look like a sexy beast when I have a beard.  Sadly, my beard was a little better than Sidney Crysby.  I want the donations to help me grow a beard in the next few years.

4. National Wildlife Federation – If there was one organization that had a profound affect on me, it was the NWF.  I had some (but not reasonable) interest in wildlife and the environment, but when I first met Danielle and Kristin, and later on, Michael and Patricia, I started to change my lifestyle.  I started taking less time in the shower, unplug outlets, and took part in Earth Hour (which Todd Kmiec keeps reminding me the hour I missed the greatest college basketball game…that year in Villanova-Pittsburgh).  The NWF also gave me an opportunity to help make a difference in other cities like in Pittsburgh, where I sponsored a tree and officially call it, “The Alexander Ovechkin Tree.”  The NWF was also helpful for any Animal Revolution news since Tony Kornheiser’s radio show was absent.  Speaking of the Animal Revolution…

5. DC College Access Program – It is a great program helping DC kids going to college.  It is also the main charity for Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.  You can donate through their site or go buy the Mr. Tony merchandise through  All sales go to DC CAP.  Wear your Mr. Tony for a great cause.

So when you say Happy Birthday (or Happy Spirit Journey Formation), remember to donate to these great organizations.  If you truly want to impress me on my birthday, donate any charity $56 since it is my hockey number…really:


Of note: All the organizations are not clients of Tran Recruiting and have no influence with the selection.

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  • Tracy – what you have said about us and NWF are so incredibly sweet. In fact, it’s exactly why I love what I do — because I get to meet people like you. Thank you for being such a strong social media supporter and friend. I am excited for your birthday and hope we can meet up at something fun and techy soon 🙂

  • Danielle – Although I’m in the recruiting field, the great thing about what we do is meeting new people and I’m glad I met you and the others. We will meet again soon and yeah, I’ll look for any fun and techy spots in the DC area 😉

  • Tracy – loved your comments and so glad to have had an impact. Always looking for ways to introduce folks to how simple it is to do little things that in the end add up. Finding Green in Tech I think is easier than most people think! Enjoying nature via tech is just the beginning of the experience!

    Enjoy your Birthday – I keep reminding myself that 40 is the new 30 so don’t buy into the whole late 20 something doom and gloom, the adventure is just beginning! Hope to hook up again soon – m

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