Second try

Hello everyone,

Actually, this would be my third blog posting. The other two came from MySpace, but I stopped using it because I realize a month ago that MySpace is owned by News Corporation and the ruthless egomaniac, Rupert Murdoch. I don’t mine people buying other companies, I just don’t like people want to buy everything for power (i.e., GE and FOX).

Anyway, this is my debut blog for this site and basically there’s nothing special; just my thoughts on my life and the world around me (boo-hoo). If you want to know me personally, you can check my short profile here or if you have a Facebook account, I’m there as well (find Facebook to be the best, but the double searches are a pain).

The reason I’m doing a blog because I actually have a life starting Tuesday as an HR Assistant in downtown DC, so I can reflect more. If I were doing a blog while unemployed, I would sound like a guy hating the world because “THE MAN” can’t see talent and there’s a bounty on me for some reason like the secret agent is watching me (Damn, you watch too much Boondocks, dude). After over 50 attempted interviews (lost count), someone has taking me under their wings to help thier company grow. It is a great opportunity for me (or could be a curse) to take advantage and rise to the top. Now that I got a job, I have reason for anger and spite since I’m an insider (but not yet; I’m in a happy zone now).

Now, I am off to step 2 in my 12-steps of world domination (Step 1: Intern experience; step 2: Find a real job; steps 3-12: I don’t know yet, but I’ll make it up and publish in my memoirs around 15 years down the road). I’ll be blogging more and see what is really ticking me off, so don’t expect a blog a day everyday. In a selfish way, wish me luck.

Side note: If you see italics, that’s my mainstream alter ego. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m thinking calling it Tony K. since I’m borrowing his style of writing (You better hope he doesn’t see it or your bankrupt). Thanks.

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