The event in the past 10 years I wanted to attend was Barack Obama’s inauguration in January 2009.  I wanted to be part of history, but it was too crowded for my taste but would love an opportunity to revisit.  I’m not saying The Strasburg’s MLB debut was like that, but this is easily the best sporting event I ever attended and it was in my backyard.

I have been to a Caps playoff game, the White Sox-Cubs game, , Gilbert Arenas MLK Buzzer Beater against the Jazz, but none of these had the magnitude in this game.  The reason could be this is what Washington baseball has been waiting for a very long time.  The other is DC really has been on futility for so long from the rest of the teams, except for the Caps the past few seasons.  Everyone wanted to be part of history and they did: it was a sellout, celebrities including Charlie Casserly, who I met before leaving the game, media was loaded, Baseball Tonight was on location, you name it.  What made the event special was not the media hype, but the performance was out of this world.

People are gong to say it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates, they’re MLB-lite and it was easy cooking for the Strasburg.  Fair, but the Strasburg had to deal with the media attention, a bigger crowd, and a hungry team trying to ruin his spotlight.  The result was the Strasburg gave up 2 runs, struck out 14, and allowed no walks in 94 pitches, which is a first in the majors. You can say the team is weak, but don’t look at the opponent, look at the Strasburg pitches.  They are so nasty, you even feel sorry for the opponents’ batter like Joe Theismann’s leg.  You can discredit Pittsburgh as a weak team, but at least they battle unlike the worst team in baseball a few miles up north from Washington (and they’re in the American League).  The fans sounded they wanted to erupt and wanted to let it out from the beginning and sustain it to the end.  Makes me so proud as a DC fan, I’m going to cry.

The only downsides of the event I encounter were:

  1. Food is still subpar.  Had a soggy bun on my hotdog. Bleah!
  2. Teddy still lost when the Strasburg made his debut.  Guess we have to wait when Bryce Harper makes his debut, then Teddy might win.

I will say in this one night, The Strasburg is the number two rank athlete in DC, behind Alex Ovechkin.  However, The Strasburg can be number one in less than two years if the Caps still become “choking dogs” and the Nats win the pennant or win the wild card, which can happen of how the team is built.  The Caps lead the renaissance of DC sports and they should get credit, but from tonight’s game with the sellout crowd, Strasburg merchandise, and a Nats fan throwing a Pirates home run ball back into the field, winning is not enough…DC wants a championship.  That is a sign DC has become a legit sports city.

I hope you had a Merry Strasmas and hope you have a safe The Strasburg Boxing day today.

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