Sunday Shout-out to Laurie Ruettimann

I have not dealt on this topic, but I will miss Laurie Ruettimann’s recently defunct blog, Punk Rock HR. It was the second HR blog I’ve read (the first was Melina Murray by googling “SHRM Chicago”) and it resonate with me.  The first post that fully got my attention was the “The guy that shall be nameless” and him leaving newspapers. That article inspired me to do the “If I Was Running A Company…” series, about my view on HR, although I know she’s annoyed of the HR and sports comparison for which I will quote my good friend, Rob Dibble, “Suck It Up!”

Seriously, I hope her new blog, The Cynical Girl, and her new venture at New Media Services will become a bigger success than Punk Rock HR from knowing her: 1)  she’s taller than Mike Lupica and 2) she’s has the personality and bite in her writing that will make her a success.

Now open up a Cutty Sark and have fun in Florida this week, Laurie.

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