Super Saturday

I had a busy Saturday and I want to share it because I felt like it and so many stuff to tell.

It begin with what suppose to be a trolley tour to George Mason to see the old and new buildings.  Apparently, the trolley broke down on Braddock Avenue, so instead, they replace it with a tour bus that had disco lights and wine glasses.  It was a nice tour and my favorite part of the tour was the new MasonVale, where it’s 1950s sitcom style of housing and faculty live there.

After getting some grub and getting attack by bees and caricature artists, I went to a session on Being Green and actually learn something from it.  Actually, I did my own Eco FootPrint Test and actually tested well…except for food.  Apparently, if I become a vegan, I save one whole planet.  That is not going to happen. anytime soon…unless it’s Lent.

After the Green session, I headed to Jim Larranaga’s session and easily was one of the better sessions as Larranaga told stories from GMU’s teams of past, present, and future, why he came here, and the Mike Morrison story, which was hilarious.  After the George Mason School of Management Silver Anniversary Reception (since I’m with the Board of Directors), it was time to head to DC.

Initially, I didn’t have tickets for the game since it already sold out, but luckily one of my Caps Twitter friends had some tickets available.  I was able to afford it and got to go to the Caps season opener.  There were two main reasons I wanted to go to the game: hockey, and tweetups.  The hockey action was great…for the first two periods with the Caps scoring 6 goals in that span and had control of the game from the start.  Also, there were a lot of red uniforms in the stands and this is slowly becoming a hockey town.  If you don’t believe that, ask Elliotte Friedman of CBC, and yes, Pierre McGuire.

The other main reason I want to go is see my other #Caps tweeters in action and catch up on what they did over the summer.  It was like a family reunion or a Caps Hockey Thanksgiving, but we have to pay for our food.  I met the usual gang and finally met the prominent Caps Tweeters for the first time and wish I could do more of these over the season and concludes in raising the Cup in D.C.

So, how was your weekend?

Photos from Super Saturday

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