Temporary Changes

Do you remember that I have big things coming up?  Well, this is not it, but it will be announced during the summer.  However, I do want to announce that I have accepted a four month assignment at NPR to help out on their recruiting strategy and administrative duties.  Let me give answer the questions what this moves means:

Is Tran Recruiting going to fold?

No, my company will be on hold for four months, but I will still be retweeting jobs and if you like, I will post nonprofit and association jobs on my company site for free.  Also, @tracytran never takes a day off…except one day.

Shouldn’t NPR be your client for Tran Recruiting?

No, it was agreed upon that they wanted an individual to do this job and although my company is just one person, they do not want to bring companies in to help out, so I forego my business duties for the next 4 months.

What happened to your other client, Counterpart International?

Initially, I was there for recruiting and administrative purposes, but in November, the whole HR department left, so I was the whole HR department for almost 4 months until Counterpart hired an HR Director.  Currently, the HR staff is set with the Director and the Generalist (temporarily).  I will say that I am thankful Counterpart was my first client and given my company and myself the opportunity to help on their staffing (although we can meet again).

Hey, didn’t you use to work for NPR?

Yes, as an HR intern in the Summer of 2005.  It was the best working experience I ever had and met with other interns, who I still catch up to this day.  I have also said the internship was my biggest regret since I didn’t apply for the HR Assistant position after I left.  Life could have change if I accept it, but you live and learn from your decisions.   This reminds me…it seems like I’m going to the Reunion Tour this year with Counterpart, NPR, hopefully CTAA (no pressure), and finally, Murph…oh wait, that placed closed down 2 years ago.

To be honest, I’m glad I’m back at NPR to have that second chance and feeling way more relax and swagger, unlike my internship, where there was nervous excitement.

Which NPR are you going to?

The Mothership at Chinatown-Gallery Place, not WAMU at American University, not WETA in Shirlington, Virginia, and not the Maryland stations.

Isn’t NPR located across the Verizon Center and are you going to any Capitals playoff games?

Yes, but I don’t have any playoff tickets, but if you need a Caps buddy for the playoffs, I’m your guy, although I will pay at a discount 🙂

Will this alter your summer conference schedule?

I will attend RecruitDC since it’s a one-day (un)conference and its a few blocks straight to the NPR headquarters.  I was thinking about going to the SHRM Conference, but it might be unlikely because I didn’t hear from the SHRM media team and also still haven’t heard if the NHL Draft tickets in L.A. are available.  Simply…I want the Mr. Tracy Experience in SoCal.

After your stint in NPR ends in July, what are you going to do next?

I haven’t decided yet, that will depend on the situation since the second half of July, it is projected the floodgates are open for jobs of any sector.  Have not decided that I will join or help the process.

Wait, if you’re going to NPR, is it likely you’re going to miss out on the Tony Kornheiser Show?

I can still listen to the podcasts.

Will you stop answering your own questions?


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