Thanksgiving and the other things

I recovered nicely from all the turkey I ate these past several days.  I think Thanksgiving is probably the greatest emotional roller coaster with the highs in the beginning, the napping in the middle of the day or evening, and the following morning; Black Friday.  After the weekend is over, the travel and the work week begins, which is very tough after all the food has been consumed. 

Now for the next month or so, I need to think of Christmas presents for my family.  Last year, I didn’t do anything because I was broke and I didn’t have job.  Now, I got plenty to spend for the holidays.  I always wanted something creative to get something for my family.  Now here are the gifts I handed out and good suggestions for your own:

  • (Guy creates superheroes out of your pictures.  It’s pretty cool)
  • TiVo (Later I realize, the cable companies were putting their own DVR and I wasted 400 bucks.  Bastards!!!)
  • Video games
  • Surround sound system
  • Don’t ask for my parents, I let my father pick out and I pay because I have no idea what they want.

For my brothers, I’m trying to give them a game room, so there’s a hint.  For my parents: one, the want a Vietnamese-English dictionary, and two, I want to give them a high definition television so they can actually enjoy the shows.  But likely, they just want lottery tickets to win the money, retire, and move to a big house.  As for me, I don’t know what I really want.  If there is a list, here are the items I want:

  • XM Radio
  • Nintendo Wii (My brother has XBox 360 for his birthday and I’m not going to bother about PS3)
  • DVD sets of Ed and Sports Night
  • That’s it, that’s the list

This year, I’m really in the giving mood and I don’t care about receiving something, I just have money to actually have a Christmas.  Yes, I know money suppose to mean nothing, but if you didn’t give, you shouldn’t receive.   I thank my family for giving me a gift when I had nothing to give them for last year.  Now, it’s my turn to return the favor.

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