The 10-Year Post

Written by Tracy

I’ll be honest, I had a blog post setup for posting of my favorite links. Apparently in the last month, I’m getting a lot of visits since my post about Ed is now on the top page of searches. However, something happened this past week made me altered this post: I was laid off.

I got laid off this past week by BroadPath. They said it was an internal issue and it had nothing to do with my performance, which I appreciate. Of course, I was disappointed that my position was eliminated but two things that pooped in my mind. The first is I’m grateful that BroadPath hired me when I was really struggling to find a job a couple years ago. They took me to help build BroadPath and in the first week I worked with them, they saw me as the “creative” recruiter going to different places beyond Careerbuilder and Monster and brought “innovation” to their recruiting process. Later on, I helped them build their social media sites and that’s my only regret of getting laid-off is further grow BroadPath not only in recruiting, but in social media.

The second thing was I was going taking a walk for lunch when I got the call from BroadPath that I got laid off. After the call, I still continue to walk dissecting what just happened. When I went to pick up my food at Dominos, their computers broke down and had to manually charge people (cash only). Luckily, I had cash with from my epic $4 winnings in Powerball. Although I may had a bad day, I have a month to recover. The people working in the Dominos store had to get this fix immediately before the dinner rush. I hope everything was fixed.

What happened this past week is oddly fitting for my 10 years in blogging. In the beginning, my blog posts had a naive, positive approach as I was blogging and enjoying life with a job and adventures. Later on in my posts, I started to find my voice and became more self-deprecating and, at times, cynical on work and life, but internally, I was an optimist. As of now, I’m still am all of those things, but with uncertainly. It used to be people sharing ideas and having conversations on this format. Now, everyone has an opinion and they don’t care if they’re right and we go up in arms on something trivial. Hear are the other things I learned in my ten years of blogging:

  • I still believe that individuals make up the atmosphere and the direction of the company, but I find that most discuss culture and big data are important but worried about automation taking over the workplace. Is it ironic people think that? I don’t mind people write in the company’s point of view, but let’s not hide the fact companies want to act like a machine and be fiscally conservative. I’m not going to win this battle, but I find that funny that HR and recruiting think like that.
  • I used to love the comments section. You get different points of view and you could have good arguments. Now, it’s shouting down the person and whoever yells the most and who’s the ?most right.” I wanted those comments to come to my blog. Now, not much.
  • People still love Ed.
  • I hear in my profession about HR Technology and what to do with it. I never had an opinion on HR Tech until now: I don’t care what HR Tech I’m using; it better be useful. I don’t care how fast, how automated, how stalker-ish the program is, I want it to be reliable.
  • I’m might be in the minority of this, but recruiting is part of HR, but I talked to my friends and they think it’s a separate department. Also, recruiting is not sales nor marketing. There are aspects of it, but recruiting is scouting.
  • What drives businesses is great business development, which leads to great people in your company. Most of us do it backwards.
  • Nearly everybody has HR or recruiting content that gets repeated, including myself. It’s hard for me to find original content. The only time I can able to write is if I read something interesting or have an unique experience in that area. That’s why you see gaps in my postings lately. That’s why I also try the HRBlogs Weekly Reads to keep up.
  • I have the most joy writing about my adventures because I want to be share and hope you can experience it. My favorite posts were about Chicago and September 8-9, 2014.
  • I though I like social media sites because it enhances my blog, but I love blogging because it’s the long-form version of social media. Now, Twitter might jump the character limit to 10,000, so I’m not sure the future of blogging.
  • Social media and blogging are great creating communities; but it also the worst developing partisan crowds.
  • Since I can’t sing, my Mr. Tony influence has floundered.
  • This blog still has not help finding that special woman.

I want the blog to continue, but I’m not sure if people will read blogs. People are more visual and expressive now with selfies and emojis on Snapchat, Peach, and future hot apps. Here’s one thing I will still do: give my opinions, share others’ stories, hope to be logical on the real sides of the issue, be bold, going to mess up somewhere, but most of all, be thankful for these opportunities.

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