The Beginning of a busy June

June 5 – Attend the Cardinals-Nationals game.  It was a doubleheader.  Cardinals won the first game, and it was Nationals who had a big lead until…well, I left my seat because Game 1 of the NBA Finals were on the same night.  What happened was the Cardinals tied the game on the top of the ninth with 2 outs and I left after that.  When I got home, Elijah Dukes it a walk-off two-run home run and the Celtics won with Paul Pierce pulling a soccer move (I know he got hurt, but a little over the top).

June 6 – First, had to run important errands, and then went to the Dentist for the first time in three years.  The results were expected.  Also, I got my new laptop computer since hard drive was corrupted.  I’ll use the laptop for most of the time, and then get my desktop when I come back to Chicago.  That was just in the morning. 

In the afternoon, I went to the Celebrate Fairfax Fair and went to see the bands.  First was Honor By August.  If you never heard of them, get the song, “Good Enough.”  The rest of the album is more in tune of Vertical Horizon, another DC band.  Then there was OK Go.  I thought the concert was solid, but I had a change of mind the next day, which I will mention below.  By the way, wasted $70 of food and games and came up with a Dog Pimp after sinking a carnival basketball shot.

June 7– Saw the Belmont Stakes at the COX Communications booth in the 100 degree heat and when the horses posted, around 50 people saw Big Brown place last.  I also saw my old friends from high school and from my first job, which I just realize, is gone after business hardship.  I also won an exercise ball from, yes, carnival basketball.  And then, here comes Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

During the Joan Jett concert, there were thunder and lightning in the background and that was most appropriate with her style of music.  Also, she was in a bikini top and jeans and at 49, Joan Jett is still getting it done.  The Joan Jett concert surpasses Collective Soul as the best concert I ever attended.

Also I got from the concert is why older acts are successful:  they just play music.  At the OK Go concert the previous day, there were cameras on mikes, videos in the clear background which people didn’t see, and setup a mini-stage in the middle of the crowd.  Let me say I like OK Go’s music and their videos are fun.  However, you can’t create it in an actual concert and I thought following the Joan Jett concert that OK Go was a gimmick and I forgot their performance.  What Joan Jett did was play music and the concert streamed without anytime I looked at my watch.  Plus, the weather and ambiance helped, which made the concert an event like no other and I thought that was cool. 

June 11 – TK’s Birthday; June 15 – Father’s Day – Just want to mention that.

Oh, June 13th, a big loss with Tim Russert passing, which i was shock when I heard it.

That’s just the first half of the month.


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