The Earth Hour Experience

Yesterday, I participated in the one hour Earth Hour turn off.  For the record, I didn’t like the timing of this because of the NCAA Tournament. I wish it was on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (if you’re wondering, I don’t care about Idol, you can see terrible singing and talent on YouTube).  I took the challenge because I was at confession earlier in the day and take my self-punishment for the heck of it.  Also, I really like this cause and one hour won’t hurt.  I did realize I was going to miss the Pittsburgh-Villanova match and the Kids Choice Awards for pop culture fodder.  So everything was off, except zee Blackberry.

Full Disclosure: My house was not completely lights out since my parents were watching TV and don’t want to disrupt them since my mother would be incest if she missed any minute from the Saigon Broadcasting Network (I’m serious). So think of my room (and bathroom next to it) as my rent of the house.

On the blackout, I was refreshing scores and reading Twitter updates on my Blackberry. I have to say, my room was very dark and could see why people would want their lights on.  It was a surreal experience but I’m glad I did it…until I read the Twitter updates.

The last 10 minutes of the turn off campaign really killed me and based on the updates, I was missing an instant classic. At the 9:20 PM mark (yes, I was watching for the time) here was the conversation:    

  • Me: Its karma: I’m doing good for the environment, but the Pitt/Villa commentary is killing me and close to forcing me to turn on #earthhour
  • Me: I hope to see Pitt/Villa go to OT. I got 10 minutes left #earthhour #ncaa
  • A lot of stop and go action for several minutes.
  • toddkmiec: @tracytranincredible you may get ot. Nova made a stupid play trying to go full court pass. almost out of bounds Pitt took it down #ncaa
  • Me: @toddkmiec There is a God!
  • Everyone simultaneously tweeted that Nova scored on the buzzer beater.
  • Me: DANG!!! Now I have to check the highlights
I finally turn everything on at 9:30 and caught the desperation shot from Pittsburgh.  Here’s the Pitt/Villanova full-game highlight, if you’re interested  That was very brutal for me, but thank goodness for technology to carry me through the night (March Madness on Demand I’m speaking of).
Let me thank the people who entertain me throughout the one hour on Twitter:

For pre-game coverage:

Finally, a couple of requests for Earth Hour:

  1. As I mention before, have it on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
  2. If you read this blog, I’m requesting…er…demanding a crank TV/Radio for next year so when someone asked how I get defined biceps and triceps, my answer will be, “Cranking the TV each arm for 30 minutes…and Twittering on the other hand for Earth Hour”  Please email me if you can deliver the goods (yes, it’s a bribe).
  3. More people to be involved for this great cause.

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