The event that started it all

It was eighth grade and the middle school was holding its Economics Fair. I teamed with Aaron, my best friend since kindergarten. We teamed up and we did the Cat in the Hat theme (That was popular in that time) and basketball. We decide how much we were going to sell it for and make a profit. We agreed that our family would do the sewing and Aaron’s family would do the advertising and had leftover cloth.

At first, it was difficult than expected. We were doing a basketball game, and it was hard to shoot at first and it was funny. Eventually, it worked out but the main problem was in sight. Few days before the event, my father worked hard on the hats all night and seemed that he had it right. The problem was Aaron showed my father what he wanted to do and clearly shoed his plans. My father made solid hats, not stripes. It discounted what we were advertising. So, I had to come to plan B and I became manager (cash flow, baby). I admit, that was very selfish of me, but I didn’t want to disappoint dad. But still, I helped out Aaron on the project.

On the day of the event, Aaron finally saw the final product and clearly was disappointed that it was solid. He had his good face on the day event and clearly wasn’t motivated of selling the product. He called me up after the event and vented his frustration. On the night event, Aaron didn’t come, which I was mad because it’s where the huge crowd is, but he took it like everything failed.
I was mad, but my dad was pissed off about Aaron’s no show.

My father and I had a long talk and understand it was bad. I called Aaron, but he didn’t answer. The next day, my father pulled a Marion Berry and told me that Aaron should not be trusted and you should disregard anything with him. I was pretty upset and the event wasn’t a success but we were (very) young and we can learn from this. My dad believes that Aaron was the devil and believes he was using me for his own good. To this day, my father still believes that Aaron is the devil.

Overall, everyone made a mistake:
Aaron should of check in with us if the process was running smoothly. He also should have come to the night event, where it was crowded and should give me a reason.
I should have been in more control of the situation and I was very greedy and arrogant that everything will work.
My father should stop this “feud” and do a truce to Aaron now. He also should of listen to both of us of what were doing and act like he can do, when he didn’t. (Kobe-Shaq did it; the Hatfield-McCoy’s did it, why not us?)

From that moment, I joined Aaron on a couple of group projects (doing it very carefully), still talk during lunch in high school and college. Today, Aaron and I went to different directions and haven’t spoken since my graduation last May.

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