The Five Year Blogoversary

Hello Tracyophants:

Today is my five year blogoversary (not to be confused to the “Five Year Anniversary” post I wrote last June. I don’t know how I suppose to feel. At times, I feel so old since I’m still using the “blog” format. However, I enjoy blogging because it is the only time I can be creative and share my stories about my life.

I started blogging back in 2006 after I got my first full-time salary position to share my experiences in a personal and professional matter.  It started on Blogger and has transition to WordPress for the last four years. I didn’t blog for money; I blog to have an opportunity either in HR/Recruiting or in a totally different area. I have gotten some publicity, but nothing breakthrough as I’m still writing at this blog and probably enjoy it more because it is still independent and I like it that way (but of course, I can sell out anytime and need some editing skills).

I have always said that I’m not going to master the English grammar, and probably never will, but I hope the people who read this blog (the 5 subscribers I have) understand where I’m coming from, although some perverts search for Bruce Jenner and porn stars as well.

For my five year blogoversary post (and #300), I look back at my five most significant posts:

  1. The Anne Murray Holiday Story (December 25, 2008) – This was the first story I did for Christmas, and the best. The story is based on true events (seriously) Liz Clarke’s weird obsession of hating Anne Murray’s “Snowbird” while going “orgasmic” on anything Springsteen. There are many reasons I love this post: 1) it is easily the best story I ever wrote 2) I would get a lot of Tony Kornheiser fans who know this story, plus people already read my review of Liz Clarke’s One Helluva Ride, which got a lot of views. Just wish for one day, Mr. Tony or Nigel play “Snowbird” when Liz is in studio and Anne and Liz would meet.
  2. If I Was Running A Company…Advice (April 13, 2009) – This was the first post that got syndicated on Brazen Careerist and it made an impact on both my site and on my Brazen Careerist profile. The post resonated well and this started infiltrate the workplace/employment blogger landscape.
  3. If I Was Running A Company…Pop Culture HR Award (April 20, 2009) – I have written numerous posts on HR, employment, and the workplace. I started writing constantly about the workplace in the beginning of 2009. I was still finding my voice. Then one day, I thought of writing a post combining pop culture and HR and the first person I wanted to do was Mel Kiper and also wanted SHRM to change its logo to Mel’s hair. This post was at a critical time because it was up when my SHRM membership was up. I thought about not renewing my membership. Then, China Gorman saw my post and tweeted out to her followers and I have founded my HR voice. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t renew my SHRM membership and I would just toss away the “If I Was/Were Running A Company…” series. Thanks, China.
  4. June 1: The Return of the DC Sports Renaissance (June 1, 2010) – This was my beloved post because June 2010 was a big month for D.C.: Bryce Harper getting drafted by the Washington Nationals; The Strasburg’s debut; the Wizards selecting an actual superstar for their first pick. So far, the Redskins are a mess, the Wizards are rebuilding…again, the Capitals are struggling, and the Nationals can bring hitters but not pitchers. However, this post got so much attention is because Ted Leonsis mention on his blog about my post. I got giddy like a schoolboy seeing an attractive girl for the first time. If you’re wondering, I still believe a D.C. sports team will win a championship within three years. I might be naive, but as Leonsis said, “I’m optimistic.”
  5. Memo to the D.C. Metro (December 22, 2010) – This was simply a rant on the D.C. Metro. Nothing really special about it since every D.C. blogger rants on the Metro and I had 10 views when it was first published. After Christmas, the post exploded on its own.  It is currently my most viewed post of all-time in just a month. If you want my theory, I think most read my post because they relate on their Metro experience and wanted to see whose crushing Metro now. Also, I believe there were detractors who think I thought Cliff Lee went to the Phillies because of Philly’s great “public transportation” for which I never said was the main reason, although some interpret that. This was about the WMATA’s Board’s lack of awareness that might cost Metro of getting business around the stations. After that post, Metro is recommending naming rights and I’m in the middle of the D.C. media storm on TBD and Washington Post Express (via @crieghtonc)…ok, not really, although I might have a third career as a “public transportation expert” (again, not a chance).

Although those five posts are the most significant, my favorite blog posts are telling my adventures that happened like “A Night of Legends” and “One Crazy August Day” because it’s true and all happened in one day like The Odyssey, the condensed version.

If you notice, all of my favorite and significant blog posts came after Christmas 2008 and that’s because social media was on the rise. If it was not for Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Brazen Careerist; Quora; and Google, I wouldn’t get a broader audience nor the connections (although still small compared to more experienced bloggers).

As for the upcoming years: if you notice, I don’t write much business stuff on my blog because I’m writing the HR portion on the GMUSOMAC blog, for which I’m the Vice President of Outreach. I’ll likely return the HR portion in the next year or two as I’m trying to boost the alumni chapter.

Also, since WordPress wants every blogger to blog every day, I’ll start to do that since Quora sets ups your account to ask question, so be prepared for a random question every day. Certainly, I will still blog my random thoughts, do stories, tell my adventures, and hopefully do more video.

My belief is that a blog is your main source you want to get out. Although people have several blogs in different areas, which is fine, I kept it all-in-one because eventually people are going to figure out who you are and it’s alright to be multi-faceted when the world would prefer labels to make it easy for you to identify. Everyone has layers, show it off (but not the real private ones).

I’m going to leave with this: thank you to the 5 subscribers and numerous part-time readers who continue to read and still have interest in my life and career. I don’t mind telling my stories because it’s the fun part of my day telling what is going on, even writing at 3 AM. I’m open to your thoughts on anything. I want to have a conversation on this blog and outside the site. That is why social media is so much fun and enjoying the ride so far. I hope it continues.

Again, Thanks for the 5 years!


P.S.: What was your favorite post on my blog and why?

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