The Littles

This is a semi-fantasy of all the Tony Kornheiser Littles gathering in one area.

It was 2004; the Tony Kornheiser Show was ending its run on ESPN Radio after the network wanted to be more “sports-oriented.”  Kornheiser said his goodbyes and everyone was saddened by his lost through the radio airwaves.  The following year Kornheiser returned to radio locally in D.C. and every little in the country was happy.  So happy, one spawn a website dedicated to Mr. Tony.

Lehecka was your typical New Yorker who enjoys comics, video games and David Letterman.  Lehecka was also a big Kornheiser fan and proved it by sending emails, calling Mr. Tony on-air, and participate in a Tony Kornheiser Message Board.  The board dissipated since Lehecka had a fallen out with Mark Charcoale and decided when Mr. Tony returns to the radio airwaves, he’ll start a new site for Mr. Tony fans.  He thus began…This Website Stinks!

When Mr. Tony returned to the airwaves, Lehecka was vehemently promoting his new site and as a result, the site had a following.  Lehecka was shocked that a lot of people were signing up to his fansite.  Lehecka didn’t realize they’re so many devoted fans who wanted to talk about Kornheiser.  There were the elite emailers, the new fans, and the other dopes.  Lehecka realize he has built a community and expanded it to other areas. The community is wide from all over the land from the U.S., Canada, and England.  You had Fenster, Boba Fett, The Bopper, The Don, Gold Mine, The Stalker, Dr. Steve, Dobber, Nacho Dan, Chef, Architect Wes, Lambeth, Penfold, Marleykiss, Duckworth Lewis, The Artist, Kuke, The Haikuist, Esther, The Architech, Mrs. Kornheiser-Stewart, Gadsen Gal, Anorak, Pocket Ten, Smirking Chupacabra, Big Time, and the Porn Star.  The littles not only discuss Mr. Tony, they discuss the key events from Cricket, video games, Blackenstein, the Tron guy, and many hard-hitting topics.  Lehecka had something going on, and then he hatch up another plan.

Lehecka was invited to “The First and Last Annual Nerds in Paradise Golf Closed Invitational,” where all the Mr. Tony fans from the old message board came to Reston, Virginia for a round of golf and a fancy dinner to have the Mr. Tony Experience.  Lehecka had a great time and wanted to do this again.  However, Mr. Tony was named the new analyst for Monday Night Football.  Lehecka had to put it on hold…for a few years.

A couple months ago, Mr. Tony not only resign from his analyst position for Monday Night Football, but was let go from the Washington Post after nearly 30 years with the Post.  Lehecka decided to setup a golf event in the D.C. area to show support that Mr. Tony needs to return to the radio or podcast airwaves.  Lehecka asks his friends from the message board to setup “The Second and Last Annual Nerds in Paradise Golf Closed Invitational.” Every member on the This Website Stinks Board came to Reston to show support of Mr. Tony returning on-air.  Everyone brought one gift to Mr. Tony from Chocolate Penguins, Johnnie Walker Blue, even one brought a Pontiac Solstice.  Mr. Tony brought his friends and co-workers to the course to soak in on the atmosphere.  Kornheiser mention this event is the biggest bathtub event Wilbon and he ever attended and seemed to be moved by it.

This was the first time all of the members met.  There were lively discussions and jokes all around, The Stalker stalking, The Don giving podcast tips to Mr. Tony, and everyone ran away when Tracee Hamilton rods showed.  The overall result was the event was big success, even bigger through Twitter and Facebook, and demand from for the radio show to be back.

Fast forward to September 2009, with his high demand and unwarranted donations from his fans, Mr. Tony went back on the airwaves in podcast form.  Mr. Tony brought his friends, Gary Braun, and a new Social Media dope to sort through the messages on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s good to have Mr. Tony back yodel on crap we care.

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