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We interrupt with the Quora Question of the Day and discuss a bigger issue that has been brewing the past few months.

Every day, I set my alarm at 9AM to brush my teeth, get my breakfast, and run errands before turning on the Tony Kornheiser Show on ESPN 980. He was and still has the best radio show in D.C…it is that the competition lowered the bar and he came with it.

It all started in February 2010 when Mr. Tony ranted on Hannah Storm’s clothing. Personally, I thought it funny, but professionally, it was the wrong move and did not mind that ESPN suspended him, although their reasoning was mixed since they were going to suspend Tony for a few days but extend the suspension to two weeks because he “implied” that he was dissing on ESPN’s “Number 1” employee, Chris Berman on air. The show did not suffer at the time.

In March, Mr. Tony had his typical rant on bicycles like he always had for years. Somehow, the bicyclists heard of his rant and ranted to throw Mr. Tony and they called upon their hero, Lance Armstrong to take down Tony…and sadly he did.

The serious cyclists who don’t get satire have won out and soon after that show, Tony was never the same.

He had memorable shows after when his dog, Maggie, passed away and his last show before Labor Day, which told us something that he secretly telling his fans: the show you know for a long time is over:

Kornheiser 090310

This explains his trip to Bristol, CT in August.

It used to be Mr. Tony had one or two funny segments on his show daily. Sadly, we will be lucky if he has one funny segment in a week. It seems Tony is playing it safe and trying to survive than going balls out funny. It also seems he’s putting more work to PTI than his radio show, which would never happen two years ago. It’s great he is having success but like anyone, the corporate pressure took its toll.

I appreciate what Noel from St. Louis is doing with the @MrTonySays account mentioning Tony’s quotes of the day, but if you want to appreciate Mr. Tony, listen here:

Old Tony, Abridged

Tony’s last show on Washington Post Radio

Behind The Heads (Complete Series)

We want to hear about Swiss cheese with holes, Peter Yarrow, red89hawk, Rich Eisen and Bea Arthur, The Snack down with Mr. Kornissioner, Liz Clarke hating on Anne Murray, Death Star Radio, The “Praying Mantis” Ann Curry, Twitching Little Freaks, bashing sponsors, etc.

That is why “The Board” decides to put “Toothless Tony.” You can put up your “Toothless Tony” by copying this picture to your profile:

(via Kuke Reynoso)

In your post/status, select an audio clip from the old Mr. Tony days before 2009 and share it with everyone else.

We want the old show back and to be honest, he can go toe-to-toe with Ira Glass as best radio host in this country. However, he’s close to Larry Michael‘s level than Ira now. If we can’t get his real show back, we have to wait two more years until his contract is up and hope a station is willing to take him and be himself. Right now, it’s like seeing the radio version of David Letterman…milking it in.

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