The Saturday Odyssey

This is one of those days I really enjoy and hopefully do more, but with work and others, I savor this one.


I went there for groceries to start off they day to have food for the week.  That’s all.

The Cherry Blossoms:

This was my first time seeing the cherry blossoms in a weekend, since I only see them during the weekday at the old building my company used to work.  I need to get there early.  When I got to the Vienna/Fairfax Metro at 2 PM, nearly all the trains were full and people were shoving to enter at each stop.  Nearly everyone went to the Smithsonian to not only see the monuments, but the cherry blossoms, which are in full bloom now.  Since I only had one hour previously because of work, I have plenty of time taking pictures that I wanted.  I also for the first time went to the other side of the Potomac and saw the other side of the cherry blossoms.  No wonder there was a full crowd over at the Mall.

Nationals Park:

After the cherry blossoms, I walked to the L’Enfant Plaza Metro, which is several blocks from the mall.  I did not want to go to the Smithsonian Metro, because both sides were very crowded and in full capacity.  So, I go there and I think I may have regretted that decision.  When I entered the Green Line Metro, it was filled, which I expected, but there was woman who didn’t wear any deodorant or perfume and had that stench for two stops and wanted to run.  Gladly, I escaped and ready to see the new park. 

As for the stadium, it is a wonderful place and is going to be the new Verizon Center and will help the Navy Yard/Anacostia area.  Of course, there’s a lot of construction and cranes, so in the next two to three years, you will the area in full and might have a better idea what the area will be.

Inside the stadium, the view is one of a kind.  If you’re in the upper deck, you can see the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument.  The field is like Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, but with an HD scoreboard.  They really made the stadium an instant landmark already.  Now, I was going to remark on the smaller scoreboards surrounding the stadium, but they fixed it and happy about it. 

The food and service is a different story.  I heard someone had their steak sandwich 15 minutes after they ordered.  In my case, I went to a sausage eatery and was held up for 10 minutes.  The people working behind the area did not know the difference between a kielbasa, and Italian sausage, and a bratwurst.  I finally got there and asked for a kielbasa.  Instead, I got an Italian sausage.  I did not argue because there’s a huge line behind me and did not want to hold up, so I took the order, but the service and knowledge of the foods must improve.  I might have to bring my own food if that happened again.

Overall, there are some minor flaws, but The Washington Nationals are on the right path and $611 million spent on the stadium is money well spent.  Of course, the parking and Metro will be a huge issue all season long, but the stadium experience is well worth it.


In hindsight, I was glad I went to the stadium.  I knew I would miss the Elite 8, but most of the games were blowouts.  The Davidson-Kansas game was the only exciting game I saw over the weekend.  I didn’t care of my brackets because it was already busted, and it’s boring that all no. 1 seeds made it to the Final Four, but it will be exciting next weekend.  Oh, if you read this, I have the 20 game plan.  If you want to go to Nationals Park anytime, I have a ticket if you want it.

This is truly a day I will cherish. 

Below are the pictures I took:

The Usual

Brand New

Fire Up

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