The Start of A Long, Bumpy Road

This past Friday, I went to the Annual Celebrate Fairfax to win contests, play carnival games (I did awesome this year, by the way), try some food and listen to the main music headliners. This year’s lineup included groups from the Summerland Tour (Everclear, Filter, Live, Sponge), B-52s (they later cancelled and Third Eye Blind replaced them on Saturday. They should have got Roxette. Just saying.), and the Spin Doctors. I wanted to go on Friday to see the 90s “alternative” bands again for the hell of it and with the Nationals postponing their game that night, I suddenly had some free time. It was not the greatest concert, but it was a fun time, although some of the band turned up the bass too much and you couldn’t hear the vocals. Balance, my friend.

Walking down the fair; I see carnivals, exhibits, a kids section, toy trains, and then there are two booths dedicated to political parties. Right there in my mind, Celebrate Fairfax is a great family weekend event and the start of probably the worst governor race in state history.

You have two candidates vying for the Governor of Virginia: Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Cuccinelli is your typical tea party candidate and was the person who filed a lawsuit on “Obamacare” because it exceeded the interstate commerce clause. The Supreme Court shot that down. The bad news is you know what to expect from Cuccinelli. If there is a silver lining, you know what you get in Cuccinelli.

Then there is Terry McAuliffe. I once went to an event where McAuliffe was part of a panel on entrepreneurship and he sounded like a used car salesman. He will find talking points to get a crowd reaction. I’ll give him credit that he can transition to another topic like no other, like a professional politician should do. The problem is I don’t know what his views are and I’ll be hard pressed of who the real Terry McAuliffe is in this campaign.

You wonder if there is a third-party candidate. Sadly, Virginia has a threshold on who gets into the ballot in November, which is very tough, but needless to say, if there is a third-party candidate, there would likely be a 25% chance of a three-man race.

This weekend is for families enjoying Celebrate Fairfax as it should be, but after the fair, reality sets in and the Commonwealth of Virginia will be bombarded with political ads throughout different channels. They have three choices, in my opinion: Cuccinelli, McAuliffe, or my occasional favorite choice: write-in. Vote for who is THE best candidate who can handle the duties of being Governor of Virginia, not the best candidate from somebody’s circle. Also, we have to vote for Lieutenant Governor as well. Yeah…

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