Tomorrow is the big day

No, I’m not referring to 6/6/06, the apocalypse will happen and Satan will rise, although strange dated like April 20 and September 11 has happen, hopefully it will be nothing like that.

Anyway, it’s the one-year anniversary of the NPR summer class of 2005. Why is this class special than the others is we have this unique bond among all the interns and I honestly have no explanation. My guess is we are came in with different skills, but with one mindset that we love public radio or in general, good radio (hard to get in DC nowadays). My NPR experience was great, learned everything from recruiting, posting jobs, working with a great organization that actually cares about news, no matter the department, working with great friends and workers, and help along my career.

Now, I have to bring this up and probably embarrassing to me. When I got back from San Diego early in the morning, I didn’t fell asleep until I arrived at Dulles airport. My sleeping habits happen at the wrong place at the wrong time. I decided to go to work because if I lose a day, I’m missing out on the money. I came back to work very, very sleepy and that day when I returned, NPR was holding an awards ceremony for long-term employees. There were two parts were embarrassing: One, I actually slept on half the event. I can totally say that it was jetlag and not the speakers that made me sleepy. I hated myself of sleeping because a bunch of “stars” were there from Melissa Block, Chris Turpin, Ken Stern, and others. My regret is that I never had a conversation with these “stars” and wish I would of been awake for the next two hours. The second part was when I was helping out giving out the gifts to the people. I was aligning them of who will pick it up and during the presentation, I had to align in front and BOOM! The gift was on the floor. There was nothing I can do, but sadly with my luck that day, I was getting the house fall on me. Shockingly, everything went smoothly and the only person who was worried about the event was me. I was worried about this much because it was big event and wanted to go perfect. Luckily, it was one day and it never made a blimp to anyone during my stay (except me).

Gladly that is off my chest. Although with that one incident, my experience exceeded my expectations and I would say after the internship was over, I realize this group was something special. In conclusion, here is what I learned:

  • Making of a news program is always tough and am impress these people can turn a story to one day.
  • NPR was the first time I drank (of all places, not kidding)
  • Hot summers…Brutal
  • NPR is more of mini DC; you got landmarks, but you have no idea where you’re going
    When heading back from a long trip, I need to get drugged. If its one hour or less, join the Mile High Club.
  • NPR doesn’t like to wing it (I really need practice). They are very dedicated on sound
  • XM trip was a bad idea (not at that time, but in current events about XM
  • Few George Mason people
  • Finally, the friends and co-workers I met.

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