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If you’re a hardcore fan, you will realize my website address and screen name is one of the quotes of Tony Kornheiser. If your not, you probably won’t get it. I have been a big fan of Kornheiser since I started reading the Washington Post in the 90s. His gain to fame to me was his radio show, which was a local show that became a nationally syndicated show in 1996. This past week, he debut as an analyst for Monday Night Football. After the game, writers had their opinion on Kornheiser. Mostly, everyone had solid to good performance except for two people: Paul Farhi from the Washington Post and Mike Golic (I’ll explain). Then, Tony ripped the two and this lead to the second wave of opinion that Tony is thin-skinned and can’t take criticism too well. I will go on steps here:

Mike Golic:

When the announcement came that Tony got the job, he didn’t like it and thinks Tony would fail. The next day, he backtracked to save his ass. During his radio show after the game, Golic said Tony’s performance was fine. You might have imagined why would Tony get upset of a fair review? Well, Tony actually watch the show (and so did I) and the look of Golic’s disinterest position, he didn’t want to talk about it and wanted Tony to put on the kiddy table. That set Tony on a tizzy, but I thought it was tongue and cheek.

Paul Farhi:

If you read his take on the Washington Post, he trashed Kornheiser of being witless and clueless. The irony is Tony and Paul are co-workers for the Post. Every newspaper praised Tony’s debut except Tony’s own. I understand being critical if it was legit and truthful. If it was the first quarter, I understand, but he thought he had the timing wrong. Ok, that’s his opinion and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and I totally disagree with his opinion. But, you got to have all the information there and when Farhi wrote that Tony “needs a tan,” you know Tony was mad. The story was a month ago; Tony was getting treatment for skin cancer. The irresponsibility comes when Farhi should have known that and he’s a few feet from Kornheiser’s desk. If he had the info, then he shouldn’t use that line. Instead, he wanted his article to be as vile as it can. I have no idea what his motive is: attention, hatred, real (I doubt it), all of the above. I understand Tony could be difficult at times, but that was a personal grilling, not a criticism.

The people who are writing Tony should tone it down:

If you hear his radio show, his best is he goes on those rants on any topic (bikers, Sarah Jessica Parker, flying). What they are trying to do is trying Tony to focus on the game and focus on his relationship with Joe Theismann. The criticisms are true, but they should know this Tony and most of these are writers and know Kornheiser for a long time. They make this into a bigger story.

My take:

This is going to take time but Tony is off to a good start and he should keep up with his jokes. He should ignore the critics, but it could be comedy fodder and the producers need to pick better emails to help Tony. Now the question is would he stay up to all the games. I got odds at 15%.

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