Tracy’s Random Thoughts April 2006 edition

Well, we are past lent and heading into spring. Ah spring; warm weather, lesser clothing, and so much pollen in the air (don’t forget high gas prices). With that, onto my thoughts.

1. The Long Season

I’ve been a sports fan for a long time. I would say sports are the most unpredictable aspect of all of pop culture today. Through March and April, ou have the NCAA Tournament, The Masters, the start of the baseball season, the NBA (and nhl) playoffs, and NASCAR. Strangely, the most popular event in the spring: The NFL Draft and schedule release. Now, why would the NFL Draft and the schedule release be more popular than the active sports going on: our short attention spans. With the exception of the NCAA Tournament, which is a dream of sports fanatics picking brackets like playing keno, the NFL is short on games but long on anticipation. The NFL has capitalized to market their product every year and it is effective. Its like school in that the off-season, people are excited what they might get in free agency and in the draft in the beginning, tests in training camp, and a big final exam when football season begins. NASCAR takes up 40 weeks… 40 WEEKS!!! It might be popular now, but they’re losing fans at their end of the season. The NBA and nhl playoffs are the same length as their regular season and they don’t need three months to finish. If the Big Dance ends in three weeks, the playoffs should end at that time. Baseball, well they have to cover the summer don’t they? I’ve always said the most exciting season in any sport is the off-season because you don’t who will stay or go. For that, football is king. The whole issue I’m trying to bring is fans are focusing on themselves, not for their team. It is fine to do both, but that would be tough for our little minds.

2. The New Judas Discovery

This past week, The Gospel of Judas revealed that Jesus help conspire Judas to send Jesus to the Romans for the greater good. The thing about this it’s conflicting with the Catholic Church. They have said they denounce the gospel of Judas hundreds of years ago. My feeling is if Jesus died because of our sins, Jesus would of told someone to turn him in. Jesus I think knew his fate and want to get this over. The problem about the Catholic Church is that people believe they are challenging their religion. The DaVinci Code has been a thorn with Catholics because it theorizes that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children. The teachings will still the same but the story could have no villain.

3. Guilty Pleasure

My music tastes are more towards hard rock/metal side. I like to be uptight and wound up. It gets me excited to go anywhere from work and observing D.C. I like a lot of independent music from Brindley Brothers, Adamson Square, and others and mainstream favorites from Nickelback and Audioslave. However, I do have a music guilty pleasure: wrestling entrance songs. I occasionally watch wrestling from time to time but the theme songs are so addictive, there is a reason to watch wrestling. Here are my favorite wrestling entrance songs of all-time:

Fabulous Freebirds – Baddstreet U.S.A.
Motorhead – King of Kings (Triple H theme song)
Mercy Drive – Burn in My Light
Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers
ECW Theme Song

4. A novelty store

When George Mason made it to the Final Four, I saw a bunch of shirts from Final Four, Go Mason, and the Kryptonite Kidz. It made me think someday I need to open up a novelty store of weird merchandise. Jim Larranaga had some witty speeches with Kryptonite, CAA, and others. Here are some ideas I’m throwing around for t-shirts and more:

Virginia’s Greatest Athlete: Secretariat
A hip-hop mural of Arthur Ashe
CAA: Connecticut Assassin Association
Former fans of Tony Kornheiser
Dan Fogelberg is Jesus
Bring back Cop Rock!!!
I heart Lisa Loeb
GMU = Ratings

There many more, but this is what I get. I’m more open to ideas. Need to get a graphic designer.

5. Mentos and Diet Coke

Nothing much to say but go to and see the experiment of Mentos and Diet Coke and see the result.

*That is all for me. Tune in next month when I’m probably going to discuss horses.

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