Tracy’s Random Thoughts April 2008 Edition

I haven’t post anything because I’ve been busy with a project that I hope to start up a few months.  So you will see some carpetblogging from now.  Here’s one of them:

1. 2008 Presidential Election

I would like to review what has happened, but I don’t want to bore to everyone since it’s all over, but here is one thing to remember:  Power is an addiction.

The only reason Hillary Clinton is in this race is because she wants power and wants it now.  She was giving the silver spoon in 2007 when she announces she was going to be President.  She was going to walk away with the nomination with no one in sight.  Then, there was Obama.  Hillary played it like Obama will get some hits, but won’t surpass me overall.  Well, she stumbled at the end of 2007, which lead to her third place showing in Iowa and Obama won.  Then, she thought she would win the Super Tuesday states, but it was split and she went onto a losing streak for a month, until a few of her states have her back in it. 

The reason Clinton is still in this race is twofold:

  1. Clinton still has a strong institution among the Democratic states and if your last name is Clinton in a Democratic state, you are treated like royalty.
  2. People still remember the 1990s like their parents remember the 1960s.  The exception is the 1960s the people were hippies and the 1990s is a bunch of people making money of a pyramid scheme.

If you think in sports terms, Hillary Clinton is the Detroit Pistons of politics:  you have all this talent and resources, but you never respected your opponent and that’s why Obama is leading and be the likely nominee.  Hillary can play catch up all she wants, but she blew an opportunity 4 years ago of not running and she blew it this year thinking you were handed the throne.   Now the nasty politics, stealing superdelegates, the Elliot Segal cackling, making excuses Clinton has one route: destroy the Democratic Party so she has the influence like Ralph Nader did against Al Gore in 2000, and that might be more potent than be President-elect.

As for Barack Obama, yes ABC News threw you under the bus, but Barack needs to know this is bacon compared to the general election.  I wish Obama has a backbone and say what he feels in a control manner.  I give him credit for staying above the fray, but with the media attention and a steel cage surrounded by right-wing nutjobs, he needs to a better job of getting through the media and get his message out, but that’s easier said and done.

As for John McCain, he should have enjoyed his “break,” but he’s not making a clear path that he’s the best Republican nominee with his views of Iraq and the economy (or lack thereof).

Simply, this election is about the generational gap.  It’s the old (Clinton, McCain) versus the new (Obama).  The 40+ voting group still like Clinton or McCain because they don’t want change to happen and like how the status quo is.  Obama is bringing in new voters and has converted many.  It will be interesting, but as a young voter, all I have to say to my demographic who says they don’t want to vote is your future is now.  If you like everything that is, fine, do whatever you want.  However, if there is an ounce of worry in your body, you should go for Obama because he might possibly be the next Kennedy or Reagan and that America will be back to respectability.  Oh, if you don’t vote, don’t make any excuses of what happened and complain that the results didn’t go your way, that’s your fault.

One more thing, if you want great Politics news and opinion, go to Andrew Sullivan’s blog, “The Daily Dish.”  It’s a must read for all sides.

2. Washington Sports

If you want a reason people are coming to DC, government jobs is one, a new President for next year is two, and the Washington sports scene is back.  Let’s break this down:

The Washington Redskins will always be the kings of sport in DC.  After last year’s hell and heaven season, The Skins return most of the players and actually have draft picks.  Yes, all Redskins fans (including myself) will be glued in to the NFL Draft and listening to Mel Kiper’s projection of who are we going to select.  The need DL, OL, Tall WR, LB, CB, S and with nine picks, they should cover all bases.

The Washington Bullets…eh Wizards finally have a healthy team and actually won a game versus Cleveland.  The Wizards for the past 6-7 years were the second team in DC.  It’s unlikely they’ll past the Cavs, but if they do, they won’t past Boston and sets up an intriguing offseason.  This season proved the team can play without Arenas, and Agent Zero is a free agent (as well as Jamison) and I don’t think they’ll keep him and maybe a sign and trade and could be a good thing for the Wizards.  I find Gilbert Arenas to be an original personality in DC and his blogs are fun, but he had his honeymoon and it has passed by.  The Wizards now loses is second team status to…

The Washington Capitals.  The Capitals had the most magical season since 1998, when they made the Stanley Cup Finals.  First, the Game 7 against the Flyers was a traveshmockery of a game.  The second goal of the Flyers in the second period should have been called back because of goalie interference.  They called the same goalie interference a couple weeks ago when a player of Tampa Bay trip on his own, knock down his own goalie, and the refs call it interference on the Caps.  I swear, there’s a conspiracy of the refs hating on the Capitals, but for what?  Anyway, I had a weird feeling the Flyers would win because game 7 was on the same night Hillary won the Pennsylvania Primary and karma is a bitch sometimes and it was one of those nights.  To come out of the series is this:  The Caps have a strong fan base and if they sell out every game next year, it will be the loudest arena in the NHL (yes, I went there and it was loud).  The Caps also have the players, especially Alex Ovechkin, who is a joy to watch and is now the greatest superstar in DC, and a top 5 minor league team (or so hockey people say).  Next year, the Caps will compete with the Pittsburgh Penguins for the top spot of the Eastern Conference and will be the second most popular team in DC behind the Redskins.  In a span of three years after the NHL lockout, Ted Leonsis and George McPhee should get applause and a cheer from DC.

The Washington Nationals are not a good team, but with a new stadium and have the greatest name in sports (Lastings Milledge), the Nationals are finally looking up.

D.C. United are struggling, but at least it’s better than winning in the first half of the season.  The United will win a good share and go to the playoffs.

3. TV Sitcoms

I have been thinking about this for a while and hear my friends say they like 30 Rock, The Office (US Version), or Arrested Development.  To all three of the shows, I found them way overrated as sitcoms. 

30 Rock has this smugness factor, although it has a Mary Tyler Moore approach to the show, which makes a solid sitcom, but not one of the best. 

The US version of The Office is the one I really want to like since it debut over MySpace (before Dickoch took over), but I hate every character in that show and it doesn’t make it enjoyable.  Everyone has a set role, an agenda, and each has one-note.  Probably people like this show because it relates to their daily office routine, but I don’t believe all of them are hate-able.  What made the British version of The Office the best sitcom ever because there was depth to every character and they really care about each other, no matter how delusional it was.  Yes, David Brent was a terrible boss, but he did care about his employees and found different ways to entertain them, just in an unorthodox way;  a realistic love relationship between Tim and Dawn, and Gareth’s blue collar, yet goofy personality.  The US Version is like trying to be like Arrested Development, which is every ones darling as the best sitcom to come out in a long time. 

I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Arrested Development and it does have some funny moments, but the issue is not the situation of being funny, but it was that I didn’t care about the characters.  Yes, Michael Bluth and George Michael were the straight men for the series, but the craziness and the other characters’ hate-able personalities didn’t make me watch the show again.  Even with all the guest stars, the characters remain annoying and wanted to light a fire on the family.

If all the funniest shows now in TV you don’t like, what did you like?  Thank goodness for technology.  Since going to and Joost, I discovered the best sitcom I saw (besides The Office, BBC Version) was NewsRadio.  If there was one season every sitcom fan needs to pickup, it’s Season 3.  Yes, you have the antagonist in Bill McNeil, but every character, including the clueless owner, Jimmy James, were funny and likable, no matter sometimes we hate them in that situation.  If the stories were good, the characters were good, it can lead to a decent run, which the show did for 5 seasons.  It could have been longer, but when Phil Hartman was murdered in 1998 by his wife and the wife committed suicide, the last season tanked and ratings were down and eventually lead to cancellation.  Another show I liked is The Knights of Prosperity.  This has a different twist that the crooks were the Robin Hoods of the city and each character is not only likable, but laugh-out loud funny.  You were rooted for them to steal Mick Jagger’s stuff and you felt happy.  The problem about this is people perceive stealing is bad and establish that these characters are bad people, so that’s why people were turned off to the show.

So, if you want a funny sitcom, you must have likable characters, great comedy, great storytelling, and a decent timeslot and none of the reasons cannot have anything people will hate and if so, people wouldn’t watch it.

4. The German Kid

There’s a story out that a German kid thinks an asteroid would hit Earth is 1 and 450.  NASA denies this, but if this is true:

  1. We need to beat up the kid and tie him up onto the rocket ship and destroy the asteroid since he caused paranoia across the Earth or make him create the Death Star to destroy the asteroid since he caus this.
  2. The Child Labor Laws need to be changed.  Why it is the most creative kids have all the ideas?  Oh yeah, the adults are afraid of kids taking over the world (i.e. 2008 Elections) and steal their ideas for wealth.

Here’s the story.

5. Masturbation Reduces Cancer

True story

If it is, then why spend on Viagara when we men can do this?  Ahhh, the mystery of our body.

That is all, two things to keep in mind:  1) Why Jimmy Fallon is getting a Late Night host gig? And 2) please read the statement about my brother’s Godfather, Nghia Dong, who passed away a couple weeks ago, from our representative Tom Davis.


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