Tracy’s Random Thoughts August 2006 edition

August is the most deceptive month. There are no holidays but its the month with the most anticipation because September is coming. On we go:

1. Israel and Lebanon

A cease fire has begun, but for how long? There has been too much tension between the sides and I’m not sure there is a true resolution. Another spin that has been going on is Israel was asking the U.S. to set landmines so that Lebanese and Hezbollah do not cross. That alone sets the picture we have a long ways to go but is there a true solution where both sides win? What we have here is the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, but with more vile.

2. Religion

This leads to a controversial subject. Religion makes up who we are as individuals. It’s really what raises you as a child. Being a Catholic, I’m happily where my values and beliefs are. If there is a Catholic that needs help, I would do that. I would help other people who aren’t Catholics, but don’t change their own values and beliefs (unless it deals with death). But this issue has pooped along in politics, entertainment, sports, and other venues. I believe there is a God and he is creating our fates, but there are other people who believe in a different higher power and that’s fine. Its the people who are forcing religion down our throats is making me puke. The purpose of this country is “Freedom from religion.” However, many faith based organizations use religion as a marketing tool to bring in money and their excuse is there is no God in America because America abandon it. What kind of statement is that? No one is abandoning it. Here is my theory of why religion has become an issue:

  • Lack of parenting, meaning there is no support and use religion as a backdoor excuse for kids.
  • Money.
  • The paranoia that the kids are going to rebel to their parents values.
  • “The changing culture”

Religion is big cash cow for anyone who touches it. What it is to me is a mind-controlling business and the people who are converting others are mere neo-Mormons. A values person would know by themselves what they have. Of course people need help, but it’s the individual who has to make the decision and that is difficult to tell because you’re not sure if it’s authentic or not. It should not be an issue but with a lot of money and excuses on the table, why not take a shot.

3. Football

Yep, its back. Football season is coming and its been a terrible start (for the people outside of DC, Reggie Bush is going to be a star, Donovan McNabb is healthy, Matt Leinart just signed). Clinton got an injured shoulder, offense needs a little tweaking, but the defense looks good. But the most important thing, fantasy football is back and I’m in going to be in many leagues. I’ll be honest; I’m a hypocrite in this. I do root for the Redskins, but I have a guilty side that my fantasy teams are important because I have money in the pot. It’s a double edge sword, but that’s football season. Also, a don’t miss during football season: Tony Kornheiser on MNF.

4. Awards season

In the upcoming weeks, there going to be the Emmys and the VMAs. The VMA are non-existent because MTV does not do music videos anymore and the list I saw is not an impressive list. I would say the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the huge favorites, but how would I know? I don’t work for MTV. As for the Emmys, its a typical who’s who each year. Sadly, there’s no Mary-Louise Parker; that would of made my day. I would like Grey’s Anatomy to win, but who cares.

5. Can’t wait till next month

Next month it will be my birthday, football season arrives, the Fall TV season, autumn, and the cool down period. Oh, thank heaven.

That is all and I’ll go back to review my ten fantasy teams.

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