Tracy’s Random Thoughts December 2006 edition

It’s the holiday season, so I’m not going to waste your time.

1. Barack Obama

There hasn’t been any anticipation of any candidate when Barack Obama came to the scene for a long time. The strange thing is he might be better than the hype. Here’s something Barack has than all the candidates don’t: A person in color, actual believer in faith, diverse, very humble, and no baggage of what we know. His sole weakness is he doesn’t have any military experience, but he could cover that if he had a vice president with good military background or a good cabinet. I also wonder if he becomes president, there would be a quick 180. If he becomes President, what would he do with Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq (ok, he isn’t going to win that one, he’s stuck with it), “global warming,” the economy, etc.? Of what I know, he is saying the right things and has shown to back some of it up. Of course, he’s realistic and these elections do change a person and it could be emotionally draining. I hope he runs because I think he’s the only person that can change the country’s image. Oh by the way, be afraid, Dennis Kucinch is running for President. There is hope for the little man…

A microscopic hope.

2. In the name of Christm…ah I meant Holida….oh I meant Peace.

I don’t mind if anyone says a different name for the holidays. I normally say Christmas every year and I’m not going to be bothered if anyone says otherwise. Somehow, people are so uptight with their faith or wording this time, including my religion. All of this associates to money. One little slip-up and it goes to court. Just for once, I want to say Happy Christmukkzaivusar (close enough).

3. Big Corporate Media

In the next month, the classical station in DC, WGMS, will be no longer. For a long time, I didn’t love classical music, but I have appreciated it for devoted fans and a niche station. Next month, Bonneville (yes, it is owned by Mormons) is expecting to sell the station to Dan Snyder’s Red Zebra for the amount two times its face value. Now, everything is in one building. You got shock jocks, conservative talk shows, processed music, loud sports talkers, same urban stations, and “The Jack” format. Everything is the same. It hurts that radio is down that path. Well you might say satellite radio has diverse channels, but they’re guilty as well with paying “superstars” a lot of money. No wonder there are rumors that Sirius and XM are trying to merge. The only thing I listen to is public radio (and John Riggins). I wish I had some variety on the dial because I got nothing.

4. The Northern Virginia-DC Metro traffic

This is why I am reluctant of getting a driver’s license or drive. I love where I am living and where I work, but most of the time people don’t know what to do when driving. There are a bunch of people talking on cell phones, changing lanes during in the middle of the traffic, people driving very slowly, etc. This is one of the problems in Northern Virginia and the cause is that half of the people are new to this area. Here I hope next year, everyone will have a GPS and the computer will tell to go which lane because it is getting ridiculous in this area. Please Tim Kaine, institute a hands-free cell phone law and that every car requires a GPS.

5. The Good and Bad of 2006.

Since this going to be likely my last general post of 2006, here’s the list of what I like and don’t like in 2006:


  • New Orleans
  • Beck – The Information
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Borat
  • Barack Obama
  • Jim Webb
  • WAMU
  • New Nationals Stadium
  • George Mason in the Final Four
  • Maturing bands (i.e. My Chemical Romance)
  • Titanium Spork
  • Dexter


  • Big Corporate Media
    • NBC Universal making cuts and WRC 4 losing George Michael, Arch Campbell, Susan Kidd, IJ Hudson.
    • Bonneville selling out not only to the Washington Post (terrible station except for David Burd) but to Dan Snyder’s money.
    • Rupert Murdoch
    • Having 20 stations share in one building acting like your one big family
  • WETA duplicating WAMU
  • Hollywood gossips of the worst kind…people that have no talent have the headlines.
  • Mel Gibson and Michael Richards
  • The Washington Sports Scene
    • The Redskins are the biggest disappointment and we’re stuck with the same team next year.
    • The Nationals are rebuilding, but how long the fans are going to patient?
    • The Wizards are good, but nothing special.
    • The Capitals have a good team, but is anyone watching? I am, but people are ignoring me.
    • The D.C. United traded Freddy Adu to Real Salt Lake. Here’s what to do: FIRE PETR NOWAK. You ruin the kid and if he is great in Europe or in Salt Lake, or in the next World Cup, you’re dead.
  • Lack of Quality Movies
  • The site that shall not be mention
  • Litigations for money in general.

6. Personal Feelings towards 2006.

2006 to me is when I started to grow up. This was the year I had my first real job, paying most of the bills on my own, and redemption after the end of 2005 when I was broke. Thanks to Facebook, I’m seeing my old friends again, virtually, and started talking to my best friends again. I like my job and I like the company’s core values. However, I have a feeling this is more of a short-term stay. I love doing HR work; this was my concentration in college and that led me to this direction. However, I have been thinking of switching next year since I got the experience down pat and hoping a media company, that I like, has a position open in HR. I don’t mind the co-workers or the unique working structure; it is that I don’t love it. Money will be never an issue unless I’m in dire straits, which I am not. It has to be a job and company that I love. Maybe it has been the three non-profit companies I worked for that I was humble that these skills might lead to greater things. I sure hope so.

I also have to say this year I became more free and that I attended more concerts, went to numerous social and networking events, and attended more sporting events (that includes a preseason hockey game). Sadly, I’m still very shy and serious of what I do because I still have no full control of myself yet. I will be the first to say that I’m an enigma and would like it to be, but I need a better platform if I need to open up.

On the domestic front, nothing special, which is good and nothing out of the ordinary. Thank goodness.

Well, I hope you have a nice Christmukkzzaivusar. I may post a couple of things this year, but if not, I’ll see you next year (If anyone is reading this).


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