Tracy’s Random Thoughts: December 2008 Edition

Yep, these are my final random thoughts of the year and people want to know, “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP?!!!”  I would like to, but I want to be paid, and so far…no offers.  On we go:

1.  Barack Obama

We’re getting near to Barack Obama’s inauguration, but already everyone is upset of what is going on with Obama’s cabinet.  The right are obvious upset they lost the election and will do everything to get their power back, and the left are worried Obama is way too center on his cabinet.  I declare myself a liberal, but I think Obama picks for his cabinet are perfect at this time.   Right now, the country cannot veer off at any direction.  Obama knows these cabinet positions have a short life and when he steps in, his reign starts immediately after what is happening.   People need to stop panicking and help support our new administration.   Plus, George W. Bush got almost hit by a shoe and said “So What?”  Trust us, next year will be different.

2.  Rod Blagojevich

Is there anything I need to add except he doesn’t realize people can bring anything and will do everything if he does something illegal?  I got to give it to him for being strong and believing what he’s saying.  Sadly, evidence proves otherwise.  With this story, he has involved politics, litigation, business ethics, and sports.  Now as for the wife…wow, just wow (both literally and figuratively).  Not going to take my family into their household.

3.  Bailouts

After going through the bailout mess: 


·         The mess will be a long road for banks

·         Most banks and financial services are already squandering their bailout money.

·         We care about people keeping our money “safe” and being told their geniuses who can stop the bailout.  Why do you think most of us can’t figure out of these financial experts are saying, yet accept them?


·         It’s local politics.  Why do you think most of the Senate Republicans oppose to the bailout are from the southern states?

·         Everyone understands more about cars than finances.

·         With that understanding, are people hesitant of giving bailout money to people who caused the mess?

Looking at the bailout plan, at least the country was going to have a car czar and that’s what help me side with a bailout.  However, now it’s not about saving the auto industry, it’s about taking care of your people.  In other cases, this has everything to do with politics.  Ironically, the southern workers say they care about American values but work with foreign automakers, and the Midwest are open to anyone and are getting the shaft.  Do they really want Kyle Busch to be their poster child?  You know why we’re counting down to January 20.

4.  Rupert Murdoch

As you know, I have my much disdain with Rupert Murdoch for a long time.  He started his attempt to give his viewpoint to the whole world by creating networks and ask Congress to approve deregulation of ownership of media so he can buy whatever he wants. 

Now, I still feel the same way, but not so much hatred on him.  Yes, he’s a heavy capitalist trying to find the formula like any other person.  However, the new Michael Wolff book, The Man Who Owns the News, he mentions that Murdoch despises Bill O’Reilly and any mention of him, he squirms.  Also, his new partner is a liberal and is now friends with David Geffen and Bono, which is different from her second wife, who was a Catholic conservative.  Do I still don’t like the guy?  Yes.  However, the only difference is he wants a legacy and is a trend follower and will grasp at anything that makes him profitable.  At that light, I find him more of a woman shopping for the trendiest clothes and will do anything to get it.

5.  Sound Opinions

This time of year, you will be thrown with a bunch of lists from your favorites to the worst of any subject.  One of them is music.  You will get many publications getting some mainstream music in their top lists to sell.  The best music show everyone needs to listen to is Sound Opinions from Chicago Public Radio.  It is hosted by the Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot and the Chicago Sun-Times’ Jim DeRogatis.  It is the most inform music show out there.  At times, their opinions might irk you, a la their movie counterparts, Siskel and Ebert, but they give every artist at any genre an opportunity to showcase.  They go beyond the albums and discuss what’s cool that people should listen or it’s just hype.  Also, they keep the pulse of what’s going in music that if you’re getting screwed or not.  If you think music is slumping, don’t tell it to these guys.  There are a lot of choices; they just need people really need to be inform of the new music out there.

6.  Washington Sports

Redskins- Stink

Wizards- Stink

Nationals- Still stink if they have Mark Teixeira

D.C. United- Stink

Capitals- Folks, we have a winner.

7.  D.C. Radio

There are many things I want to discuss in this section, but there are two stories I want everyone to follow:

NPR Layoffs:

You know the story about NPR laying off 7% of their workforce, plus cancelling two shows.  There’s one person in particular I want to focus on.  Doug Mitchell was my mentor for Intern Edition in the summer of 2005.  If you’re wondering, I was a Human Resources Intern, but participated in Intern Edition because the media was my first love before going into business.  I have mention time and time again, NPR to me, was the best working experience I ever had.  The main reason was…okay Human Resources because they selected me and working in HR there was very fun (and taxing, if any HR NPR people see this).  The other reason was the other interns I met at NPR, who seemed nice, but if it wasn’t for Doug, I wouldn’t have a tight of relationship with the other NPR interns.  If you never met Doug, just think of him as USC Head Coach Pete Carroll:  a great record on recruiting; only the talented few are selected, people work hard on their craft, they have a positive approach to their work instead of fear and hostility, and they have a proven track record.  Sadly, the other interns won’t have that experience to be mentored by Doug and this is a bigger statement that if Intern Edition and Next Generation Radio are thrown out, what does that say about NPR and its future?  Oh, if you think I’m sugar-coding this, check this post from former NPR Ombudsman, Jeffrey Dvorkin.

If an Ombudsman gives you high praise, it really means something.   Also, there’s a group dedicated to Doug on Facebook:

You know it’s serious if you have your own group on Facebook.  I do hope that Doug finds a place where he is wanted and right now, if someone is going to hire him, they are not getting a bargain…they are getting a steal.

Tony Kornheiser:

A little breaking news for Mr. Tony fans from Dan Levy:  Tony will not bring his radio show back next year, but in return will make a monthly appearance on Dan Levy’s Show, On the DL.  The news doesn’t shock me because the DC Radio market was slipping and the most popular stations are news and pop music for the suburbanites.  You know the DC market is down when the top DC radio talk show is…JACK F’N DIAMOND (I want to know [ladies] why you like this guy).  Also, Sirius XM were not going to get new subscribers after the auto industry is in a coma right now, so the wise move was doing PTI only for the next six months.  It is sad that Mr. Tony not to have his radio show and not flood him with emails.  However, people can start listening to Dan Levy’s show and needs all the publicity he needsJ.


That is all of my random thoughts for the year 2008.  I will do my list after the holidays.  So, for everyone:


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