Tracy’s Random Thoughts February 2007 Edition

Alright, spring is coming in early, so let’s hurry this up.

1. The Blonde Bombshells (or not)

Alright, I had enough of these stories already. First, it’s tragic that Anna Nicole Smith died. Really, fame and notoriety killed her. Having pressure of losing weight, losing your son, having the baby, it does take its toll. The sadder part about is the after her death. People are fighting about the burial, the funeral dress she is going to wear, who’s the baby, and why the judge cried (ok, he was in talks of a courtroom show next fall, so he wanted to show off.)? Enough.

What about Britney Spears? If you look at her in the past week, enough said. Now, what is going to happen to Jaime Lynn? Enough, move to next topic.

2. XM/Sirius merger

I knew this was going to happen, but it should never have happen. A few years ago, XM and Sirius were touted as a revolution, XM getting the most publicity. It had stations none of the terrestrial stations were doing at the time and gave a diverse playlist of music and talk shows. Why the merger? It’s both of their faults. Sirius got the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, Howard Stern, and others. XM had an eclectic mix of genres, but were suck in the name game with Oprah, MLB, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and Opie and Anthony. Add that to more technology costs and both companies come in the red. XM and Sirius should have kept it simple and stick to radio that people can listen to. It does take time, but it is the way to survive. Also, don’t get me an excuse that podcasts and music devices or cellphones are ruining your business. You lost your chunk of the customers because you alienated them. As for the merger, this is going to be dropped because the government gave two satellites in the mid 90s to these companies for competition. Both have failed and wanted the government to intervene. Also, there are anti-trust laws, FCC concerns, unions, etc. Everything is going downwards to satellite radio. Sadly this is a tragedy of one of the best inventions in the past 20 years.

3. The Astronaut Diaper Lady

I’m sorry, this is too hilarious. A woman name Lisa Nowak travel 900 miles from Houston to Cape Canaveral to attempt murder with the woman who had a fling on her secret crush. She has a mallet, knife, gun, and diaper. At least she was smart enough to wear a diaper so she didn’t go to the bathroom. This story is going to stay for a long time and actually, I’m very intrigue what is going to be said. Oh, apparently the diaper she was wearing is on eBay, but eventually pulled out. The only people who would buy the no. 2 diaper are perverts who love residue (Did you have to go there?). Watch two years from now, TV movie.

4. The Oscars

The last big awards are the Oscars. The Oscars are not the same as it use to because people know what is going on and it seems fake to the regular people. Also, with YouTube and viral videos, anyone can become a star and in the minds of those people, these people should deserve an award. Virtually, anyone can be the start; just the people with money will win awards. It will be an interesting year.

5. The Return of Tony Kornheiser

It’s great to have Mr. Tony back and never lost his touch. The only reason I mentioning him is my mornings have become much faster than usual and that makes me happy. That’s all.

6. My pleads

Here are my pleads to my readers (or not):

1. Please watch The Knights of Prosperity on Wednesdays on ABC. It is the funniest show out there. If you watch the most recent episode, you need to join the bandwagon.

2. If you have Facebook, go join the Counterpart International Group to support our organization.

3. Please listen to NPR for real news, not watch the sensational stories with Anna Nicole and Britney.

7. Lent Season

It’s lent season and this year; I am giving up [The site I will never mention] for my own good. Two years ago I created [The site I will never mention] because they were debuting the US version of “The Office.” Now, its own by Faux and its getting bigger and it’s for the worse. For my own benefit, I need to stand off to escape from Rupert Murdoch. You know he is trying to own the world?

That’s all. Good-bye!!!


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