Tracy’s Random Thoughts, February 2008 Edition

Yay, February has one extra day this year, that means more suffering for everyone who reads this blog (I do care, but I’m not going to burst out in emotions like others).  Here we go:

1.  The Super Bowl

Game:  People, it wasn’t the greatest game of all-time.  The first three quarters were dull.  But, I will say it was an exciting 4th quarter.  If I had to pick the best ending, I will still have to say the Rams-Titans because of the lats second effort by Kevin Dyson and left it one yard short.  However, the Eli escape and catch by David Tyree on top of his helmet is the best play in Super Bowl history.  Before the game, I didn’t have a favorite because as a Skins fan, you wondered if the Skins and Giants switch places in Wild Card weekend, the Redskins would be in the Super Bowl.  However, I sort of rooted for the Giants because I really hated the Patriots after Spygate has opened a new can of worms.  I thought the Pats would win, but I do feel happy that the Giants win and Michael Strahan, Eli, and others get the trophy.  Also, when the Giants win the Super Bowl, the Redskins win the following year, so there is hope with a new head coach, Steve Spagnuolo, Defensive Coordinator for the Giants, book it.

Ads:  The quality of the Super Bowl ads are getting lower and lower.  I say this crop was a bit better than last year, where the best ad was CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman and Oprah.  You know the ads were terrible if Bud Light is having a down year.  The exception is the Clydesdales, but it was ok.  The best ad in the Super Bowl was the parade balloons of Stewie and Underdog fighting for Coke and Charlie Brown gets it.   It was sweet and if you get it, it was very funny.  The other ad I liked was the “Night at the Roxbury” ad and Chris Kattan makes a cameo appearance, which I saw miles away, but it was a great ad.  Gladly, Kattan has something to smile about in 7 years.

As for the others:

  • E*Trade with the baby talking – I didn’t like it because it was ridiculous and too much Baby bob potential, which I don’t want to visit again.
  • Danica Patrick needs to win races, not the crap she pulled.  Only Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova can pull that off.
  • The one with the screaming animals on the Bridgestone commercials were okay, but I like it a lot with Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons.
  • That FedEx commercial had the right idea, but the execution was pitiful.
  • Doritos is smart using user-generated commercials.
  • The most effective commercial that day:  The Pedigree commercial about dog adoption during Puppy Bowl 4.  Honestly, I nearly cried after the people bypassed Echo, the dog, for adoption.  It made me want to adopt a dog.  Luckily, our family has Puffy around and she has some to play with (or in my case, licking my toes like people lick frogs to get high).
  • Finally, bring more monkeys in suits, not talking animated pandas with Southeast Asian accents.

2. Super Tuesday

After Super Sunday, it’s off to Super Tuesday.  For Republicans, it’s likely John McCain will get the Republican nomination, although detested by conservatives.  On the Democrat side, I’m going to ignore the polls because you are going to get a lot of people voting and make the sample unreliable.  But, there is no denying Obama has the momentum and has the Verizon network with him.  My guess is he’s going to win the Democratic nomination not on Super Tuesday, where it will be close, but he’ll blow out Hillary in the other primaries in the next month.  Fo who I’m voting for, go to my previous blog.

Also, I have been paying attention more about Super Tuesday than the Super Bowl.  If you were going to tell me that a year ago, I would have a subtle laugh.  However, it did happen and I feel “intelligently diverse” if that comes on the lexicon.

3. Water

I’m not sure if I mention this but since Lent is coming up, I agreed to give on soda this year.  Problem is not giving up on soda, but my fascination of why people buy bottled water.  Is it healthier?  Is it convenient?  I’ve drink bottled water before and here’s my answer:  it’s the same crap from your sink or water fountains.  People are shelling out $1.25 to buy bottled water?  I tell them, buy a filter for the faucet.  That’s why in stores, I buy fruit water because it has more value in taste and price than bottled water.  Fruit water is the way to go.  Yes, that’s right; I’m promoting fruit water as a great source of thirst.  If PETA can promote beer over milk, then I’m for fruit water over regular water.  Of course, if I’m in a desert and I have one dollar and the nearest area only has bottled water, I’ll buy it.  I blame global warming.

4. Recycling

I’ve worked in Northern Virginia and DC and what I am surprised is the lack of recycling bins around Northern Virginia and DC.  I have no idea why, is it cost-consuming?  Is there a conspiracy theory that the trash people don’t want recycling bins because there would be less trash in trash cans?  I really would like to recycle anytime, but I’m not traveling all my stuff to go to a Virginia Recycling Center.  Of course, if Virginia pays cans for ten cents, I might be interested.

5. “_____ Nation” 


 6. The Tony Kornheiser Show

It’s great to have Mr. Tony back.  The animal revolution, “Death Star Radio,” Callaway drivers with 11 degree loft, and others.  Locally, it’s the best radio show in DC, but it has a huge following on the podcasts.  It is a must listen.  It’s a great companion with NPR. 

That’s all for me, but before I go, can anyone give me tips about Chicago?  I’ll be going there in June and I want some action (no, not that type of action). 

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