Tracy’s Random Thoughts July 2006 Edition

I’m tired, so let’s get this over with:

1. The Middle East

The Middle East has become a nightmare and there is no solution to it. There are a bunch of battles or wars going through; Israel, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. It’s like a puzzle to figure out which one is which. All I know is Palestine is upset at Israel of taking their area 60 years ago, Israel is shooting down Lebanon because Israel is accusing the Hezbollah for kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. Then you have Iran and their nuclear capabilities, Pakistan and the issue with the India bombings, and we know of Iraq. This topic would require writing a book and a paper that could easily pass an International Relations course. Almost all of this is connected to the United States, and sadly the fighting countries might be right. Link here is a transcript from NPR’s Morning Edition with the two guys, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, who wrote that Israel’s lobbyists are influencing U.S. foreign policy because of money. From this research, I understand why the other countries hate us because the U.S. is favoring one country from the rest of the Middle East and that is Israel. Countries like Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, and other Arabic countries see the U.S. play favoritism and that is why the people vote against the grain to “America’s views.” That is why the Hezbollah is in Lebanon and Hamas controls Palestine. People over there are smart enough to know and believe that the U.S. wants to turn the Middle East into the Bible Belt. Let me say on my view, I shouldn’t think the U.S. should be in the middle of anything and everyone has their right to believe. Now, the most important is I don’t condone violence and wars will solve any problem and the problem is that could be the only solution. This is like World War III, but with different players. In this case, there are no heroes or villains, just the act of two sides playing for power.

2. North Korea

To be honest, I’m not sure how to make of this. Yes, Kim Jong-Il has nuclear weapons and has tested them and the missiles has the potential to reach the United States and the other countries are worried North Korea is firing at the big boys. My only question is do you take him seriously because I don’t see him as a threat, but more of a joke playing games with us.

3. The World Cup

I thought the whole tournament was kind of dull since defense was the name of the game. Congratulations on Italy for winning the World Cup after all the troubles the Italian teams had, but shockingly the World Cup will be overshadowed by Zidane and the headbutt heard around the world. Ok, if he can’t stand a simple insult to the Italian player, then he has issues, but from what I am hearing if the Italian did say “terrorist whore,” I understand his reaction, through he needed to be smart at that time. Oh, am I the only one who thought the Italian player acted that he got headbutted in the chest? It seemed he came back sooner.

4. My iTunes playlist

For those who are interested and I should give thanks to Rachel for giving this idea (Her website: Take a look at my playlist. If you have suggestions, please make a comment and I’ll check it out. Here’s my playlist.

Thanks for reading, and now I need sleep to prepare for work and the heat wave that is coming.

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