Tracy’s Random Thoughts July 2008 Edition

It’s summer and I’m amazed it hasn’t been that humid in DC.  Of course that will change in the next couple of days.  I wish I was in Chicago or Seattle.  Anyway, on we go:

1. Election 2008

I’m not going to get into it now since everyone wants to makes this news after one single soundbite and another, and you know how it goes.  Talk to me about it during the conventions.

2.  The Washington Nationals

Wow, this is a mess.  First, the team is not all that great to start with.  There is no offense on this team and most of the stars are on the DL.

Second, the owners want the city to pay $3.5 million, plus $150K per day of “not completing the stadium.”  By that, the owners mean the offices were not completed.  Ok, if they sound like that, the Lerners leap frog Dan Snyder as the most hated owner(s) in DC, and that’s pretty hard to do.  By the way Washington fans, the Taters start training camp next week.

Finally, MLB is investigating the front office of the Nationals from improper contracts among Latin players.  I knew Jim Bowden would be involve in this, but I’m shocked by Jose Rijo’s involvement, since he is a Dominican, but if you stuck around a guy who is been quoted saying “I want to say a prayer to [a player’s] butt,” I’m not shock at all.  I won’t be shock if Bowden is out of a job and possibly Brian Cashman (DC product) be the GM since he is in hot water with George Jr. (Hank Steinbrenner) since the Yankees are in 3rd place right now.

This is not a great start for a team that opened a stadium this year and had some hopes for this year.  At least they were first place for 6 days.

3. Network Programming

This has been disturbing me for awhile, but what is with some of the networks showing movies out of the range?  For example, the Cartoon Network was showing Jurassic Park 3 and School of Rock, and Fuse (a music network) was showing some random music that doesn’t associate to music, and CMT showing something not related to country? 

This has been my worry, but there is too much media control among television networks, hence the variety of different shows in niche networks.  I can’t decide which is which anymore.  No wonder people are going to the internet to find what they are looking for. 

4.  Cricket

I don’t what’s wrong with me, but I have started listening to cricket matches because my Tony Kornheiser friends have this obsession with cricket.  I even have a newsletter for cricket on my Blackberry.  If you think cricket is boring, well, yes for the general audience.  However, just think cricket as golf, just add 1-2 days.  Cricket is only for the fanatics, but try to hear the audio commentary from the BBC.  They make the sport enjoyable.  Just think of the team of David Feherty and Gary McCord.  By the way, the International Cricket Council (ICC) are putting $300 million to make cricket a mainstream sport in the U.S.  Good luck, it will never happen.

5. There’s nothing to do in July

I just want to say that because we’re now entering the dog days of summer.  Not my favorite times.

Ok, that is all and within a month, I will make that big announcement soon, although some had a sneak peek, and I’ll shall kill them. 


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