Tracy’s Random Thoughts June 2008 Edition

Usually, I hate summer and June begins it.  This year might be the exception.  On we go:

1. Tim Russert

Yesterday was a big shock that Tim Russert passed away yesterday at 58 and at his peak since this election was going to be special.  It’s unfair that he died during his circumstances, but the irony is he died at what he loved, which was politics. 

I’m not a frequent watcher of Meet the Press, but I do catch it online and was the best at his profession.  Look at his ratings; his ratings tripled of the second leading Sunday News morning show and his enjoyment of anything politics showed, especially this year.  It was both Bob Schieffer and Tim Russert who holds Washington at his hands.  Now, it’s one.  Also, I’m amazed by the reaction from all corners from liberals, conservatives, and fans give their appreciation to Tim.

What I really like about Tim was not his job, but was a true everyman and felt real.  I really enjoy his chants of “Go Bills!” or anything Buffalo related, showing his true colors and sharing it to the rest of the nation.  He was a quintessential Bills Fan, unlike Chris Berman or my brother, who only rooted for the team because of the K-Gun offense and the potential of fantasy football points back then.  Anyway, he made Buffalo proud and although some might not like going to Buffalo, he wanted to show his pride and true patriotism to this country, which the country seems to lose perspective of. 

Now, I’ve been watching the coverage on all the networks, including the NBC channels and some say the coverage is going overboard on his death and that he’s another person.  I will say this, NBC need to stop this “Tim build this place.”  No, if there was someone who builds that place, it was Jim Vance, who helped the local NBC affiliate in DC grow into the number one broadcast locally and WRC-TV gave way for NBC to build a news bureau there to share resources with WRC.  However, Russert reinvented the Sunday Morning show and by politics lovers, it was must see TV.  Of course, it had to compete with a few months, the NFL, where fantasy football and betting is the most important thing.  This is why Russert was relevant to NBC.  He had indirect competition, but with the internet and his everyman personality, he was influential.  Everyone can scoop people and get news anytime, but when you hear Russert and you understand his background, any word out of his mouth is important; even his hands (i.e. the Whiteboard) was important.  If you’re prepared, knowledgeable and passionate about a subject, and an authentic personality, you can make it anywhere and that’s why everyone, including me, will miss Tim.

Another irony was that he died on Friday the 13th and died before Fathers Day.  Since he was a believer in faith, I think God had plans to tell us that he was sorry he had to take away a Washington institution, but he wanted all fathers a reminder that tomorrow is something special and appreciate what you have, because you don’t know what’s going to happen today, tomorrow, next week, etc.  I’m sorry for Tim’s wife, Maureen and his son, Luke, and his father, Big Russ, which Tim took great care.  I like what Tom Shales quote, “It’s just not right that he is gone, just not right. It’s an affront, an outrage, an act of cruelty — and something that Russert never was: unfair.”  Politics will never be the same anywhere, especially Washington, D.C.

2. McCain vs. Obama

Now the primaries are finally over, it’s time for McCain-Obama.  It’s way early to analyze, probably around the conventions, I’ll start it on late August, when the party begins.  The next two months will be all sound bites and noise.  No thank you.

3. R. Kelly acquitted

With all the news about Russert, R. Kelly was acquitted on all charges of child pornography.  This news has not shocked me.  The Boondocks perfectly predicted the outcome.  Sadly, there was no one who sounded like Adam West in the real trial:

4. Iowa

Iowa is looking like Atlantis with the flooding the past two days.  The images are surreal, but what I am amazed that the people are so calm about this.  Of course it’s a little worrisome that they’re going to be homeless and can’t do anything to earn money, but I think the people at Iowa really love the attention and felt underappreciated, except being the first state election during the Primaries. 

Well, there was bad news that a tornado hit a Boy Scout camp in Iowa, killing 4 people, so Iowa doesn’t want that attention that bad.  What’s up with Iowa this month?  I think it’s the corn or could be the numerous oval tracks.

5. Lakers-Celtics

I’m glad the NBA has the historic matchup to end an almost perfect season for the NBA and possibly a return to the nation’s second sport.  I said almost because of the news Tim Donaghy mention the two games that were fixed that he did not officiate:  Game 6 of Lakers-Kings, and 2005 Mavs-Rockets.  The NBA has a problem with the image that the games are more of an exhibition than the actual game, but I really think Donaghy chose those two games to get back at the NBA after the league wants $1 million from Donaghy.  Anyway, I don’t care who wins, but the sport really need this.  Now they need the Knicks…never mind.

6. Big Brown

If your trainer has a big mouth, sponsored by Hooters, didn’t take steroids in the last race, a broken hoof, and a track that your uncomfortable, you’re not likely a triple crown candidate, you’re likely to be last, which what happened to Big Brown at the Belmont Stakes.  This race proves they don’t make horses like they use to in the 1970s, the breeders are not properly treating the horses, and the sport needs a makeover and the sport is now a backburner of an event after what happened to Big Brown.  The sport is dead.

That is all and I actually have a couple of announcements.

  1. I just got a laptop and will use it to my trip to Chicago to post photos.  I am getting half way there to the 21st century.
  2. Big announcement next month.
  3. Enjoy Fathers Day.


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