Tracy’s Random Thoughts March 2007 edition

Sorry if I didn’t type this up anytime sooner, but here we go.

1. The attorney firings

Basically the story is the White House, especially Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, fired eight attorneys, six of them, based on review, and was on good standing.  The Senate was up in arms on the firing thinking this is for political reasons.  This has resulted in the Deputy Chief of Party resign and a cloud over the Bush administration again.   If it was the beginning of the administration terms like Janet Reno’s 93 firings in 1993, fine.  But, do it in the middle of the term, sound a little shaky.  I’m not shock at the result, but this is a lame duck administration trying to hold firm of a potential onslaught and right now, they are losing grip and realize there in a no-win situation.

2. Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time was expanded this year from mid-March to early November so everyone gets more light throughout the day.  Here’s what happens when the switch happened:

  • More heat = bad situation to me
  • I caught a terrible cold
  • More pollen
  • My house will be toasted much longer

Yes it involves me, but why we need more light?  Also, can the government change time?  It feels odd that the government feels that way and all I can say is bring on more Global Warming and cold medicine.

3.  March Madness

Ah, may favorite time of the year.  Sadly, most of the picks have been chalk.  The bad news is all my picks were screwed in the beginning, which was different from the other years where I pick the majority of 1st and 2nd rounds correctly.   The good news: most of the brackets I entered, I corrected have 3 of the 4 teams in the Final Four.  I feel kind of good, but it won’t match the excitement last year with my alma mater made that magical run.  I’m glad no mid-major made that far, so George Mason is still the originals.  Of course, I still in the running to my pools this year and I can get my money back.  Oh, go Georgetown!!!

Thanks to the long cold I had, that’s all for today.  Pray to the man that there is a nuclear winter someday.

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