Tracy’s Random Thoughts May 2006 edition

My thoughts are so good, I have another edition of my thoughts. Let’s roll:

1. Immigration policies

On Monday, President Bush announces he will have troops surround the Mexican-U.S. border to limit as many illegal immigrants as possible coming in. Look, I believe in limiting immigrants coming, but you can’t just use troops to watch the border. Yes, there are pros and cons of illegal immigrants and my view is they should have legal documentation to work and not just let them get a free ride. I believe there should be an extensive search on the illegal immigrants. My problem with having troops is what the troops going to do there. Is there a two layer line or huge tanks blocking? My feeling is you’re putting away a good majority of the workforce and might scare customers not only here, but other immigrants as well. I believe the U.S. must be assertive, but not going to panic mode is one of those reasons.

2. Duke Scandal

I have two friends that went to Duke (One is Hispanic, the other is African-American). On the outside, I would see Duke as a smart, diverse school. Since its a private school, I know there are some wealthy people that go to Duke. I would not know that Duke was the polar opposite of what Durham is and that is an urban city. At first, this was about race and a line divided in the city. Now, this has become a he said/she said. As I learn from Rafael Palmerio, the speaking part is easy. The hard part is someone finding out. The third person charged held a press conference and said, without a script, that neither he nor his teammates did anything wrong. Right now, I believe more towards the team than this woman because the accuser has several different stories from being rape by 20, now 3, now remembering the person had a mustache, the pictures, and it goes on. As we learn in the news, the accuser had a tough childhood, but there is something weird about the story and the story has me convince this is a ply to have the DA getting elected.

Saying all that, the Duke Lacrosse team should not have a free pass as well. They held a party and had alcohol in the house and the kicked out player writing a nasty email. The problem about this is Duke Lacrosse players are saying they didn’t anything as a team, not as individuals. This is a high-browed clique than anything. It’s good to have unity, but its just odd saying that “we” didn’t do anything, acting like a team is one individual. The result I think is a settlement between the accuser and the defense.

3. Lawsuits

Last week, some guy sued the LA Angels of Anaheim for not giving him a tote bag on Mother’s Day. The Angels made a “nice” gesture and tried to give him 4 tote bags. Sadly, the guy rejected the offer and is suing them for discrimination. How in the hell did we became a litigious society? Is it really that money is important or since you’re the customer, you want every detail right? One, it was for women and it was on Mother’s day and there were no complaints about this. The sad part about this is he might have an argument that he prefers women’s accessories and pink was his favorite color or play the gay card. That is why our justice system sucks most of the time.

4. Britney Spears getting pregnant again.

Why do I care

5. 18-34 year olds don’t know their broadcast networks

A recent survey shows only one in four 18-34 year olds know the four main broadcast networks. My thinking is all these networks are owning up on the cable networks, it is hard to differentiate the networks. I would ask them who owns these networks. Big media, how we love them so much, it hurts.

That is all. Next month, a huge edition (but I’ll be wrong as always)

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