Tracy’s Random Thoughts May 2007 Edition

This is the late edition since I recovered from ankle tendinitis (or tendonitis) and I was on Advil, so I don’t want to make stupid statements. Anyway, here we go:

1. Alberto Gonzales

Put it this way, if you want a quick summary of George Bush’s presidency, just look at Alberto Gonzales. The guy fired eight attorneys for no reason. Congress, DC, the whole nation, even the world knows Gonzales fired these people for political reasons. However, he’s still on the job and Paul Wolfowitz is out as President of the World Bank. Bush is still President and he is hanging on every last thread, but sooner or later, the bottom is going to fall out. by the way, is there any way to get fired in DC?

2. Sports tidbits

-The NBA

If the NBA Draft Lottery is more exciting than the Playoffs, the league has issues. When the NBA made the decision (yes, that would be you David Stern) to suspend two of the Phoenix Suns best players, the series was over, thus the playoffs have no meaning. Did Stern make the right decision? Yes. Did he have to do this? Under the rules, yes. However, this is my proposal if you want to prevent this stuff to happen: get those hockey boards and use it as a barrier for the players.

Anyway, the NBA is now in big trouble because the first two picks are all in the Pacific Northwest with Portland and Seattle and now all the great teams are in the West. If you want stars in the NBA, move west because there’s nothing the NBA can do about it. Well good luck NBA, you’re going to need it.


The past couple of weeks, there has been all this hype of the UFC and deservedly sold. Pay-per-view revenue in the UFC was $50 million higher than boxing and rating to young males are improving to make a threat. Also, in the UFC, a 50% chance that you will see a knockout. While in boxing, the boxers are too cautious and thinking about the long-term and not for the kill. That is why Mike Tyson and the middleweights in the 70s and 80s were very popular because the potential that they can KO someone. Boxing has a slight chance to return if they find the next Mike Tyson, but with the training teaching science instead of attacking, the sports has gone downhill. Also, Don King and the 50 titles that are available.

The UFC is pure fighting and that’s just what every male wants to see. However, if you promote a star that got TKO’ed in the first round, that is not a good sign. The UFC needs to promote the sport, not the individuals. Let the audience decide who is the best. The hype was necessary, but they blew their chance, although they’re still in good shape.

– Hockey

Here are the sign of the times for hockey. Last week, the Ottawa Senators and the Buffalo Sabres tied at the end of regulation. During overtime, NBC switch their coverage to the pre-race show for the Preakness. The overtime goal was shown on tape. Business-wise, it was a very smart move as rating increase for the pre-race show. But, let me reiterate this: IT WAS A PRE-RACE SHOW. Do you need interviews and sappy stories about the owners, trainers, jockeys and horses? No. You still had time to do it and from the highlights of the game, overtime was exiting. NBC should have been obligated to show the game in its entirely, or split screen. Of course, split screen won’t work because Bob Costas doesn’t need anyone taller to get dominated. This tells you that the NHL is dead in the States.

3. Pet Monkeys

If you saw the Washington Post this past Wednesday, there was an article of a Rockville, Maryland woman, who had a pet monkey named Armani and $4,000 of space devoted to the monkey. She called the vet’s office to see if there’s anything she can help out Armani. Problem was the receptionist or vet called Animal Control and trace this woman to her home and took Armani. Ok, there are several storylines to breakdown.

  • I don’t mind pet monkeys. There the closest things to humans and I don’t have an issue with anyone owning a pet monkey. It’s like treating your hyperactive kid. I would love to have a pet monkey, just make sure I take precaution and they don’t have diseases and the hard part is gone. Diapers are a different thing. Also, very different from rottweilers and pitbulls, if you know about the Michael Vick dogfighting story.
  • The woman who told animal control is a rat. That is a personal issue between her and the pet owner. If she can’t help, just say no thank you and move on. But, she had to call Animal Control for the “safety of the neighborhood.” I want everyone to ridicule her for being a pest and sent her to the wolves.
  • The Rockville woman is a little nuts, but she does care for this monkey and if the monkey is no harming anyone, she’s doing a magnificent treating Armani. Of course, the disturbing part is she and the monkey watched the Today Show on NBC, meaning the monkey has the image of the preying mantis, Ann Curry, 24/7. She should of put Armani listening to NPR or the Tony Kornheiser Show. The monkey would of been in good shape.

The likely case is Animal Control keeps the monkey and send Armani to a zoo and the woman will gain nothing, which doesn’t do justice for her.

4. Public Radio Talent Quest

Why I am talking about this? Public radio needs to find a star to carry on the next generation and great pub for public radio in general. I feel right the best entertainment is coming from radio with NPR, This American Life, and the variety of shows in the public radio sector. With public radio focusing more on news, this was the perfect format to find new talent and what they can bring. I did not enter because I feel comfortable where I’m at, but go to to vote. You have this week to vote. There are 1452 entries and some are quite good. If you’re a public radio fan and you want a voice to change, then go to the site.

The Public Radio Talent Quest

5. The New Facebook

Some might argue that Facebook is trying to be like MySpace. Well, Facebook is the closest competitor to MySpace and they need to make the necessary changes like audio or podcasting. At least Facebook gave an option to which applications you want. I have a couple of applications and it’s very useful. If you’re on Facebook, please take a look at my new profile page and find what you like.

That’s all, have a great Memorial Day and remember the people who made this holiday.

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