Tracy’s Random Thoughts: May 2009 Edition

Summer is coming soon and I’m starting to get sweaty.  Let’s hurry this up:

1. Torture Debate

Everyone knows that waterboarding is illegal and everyone knows Dick Cheney and the CIA lied to Congress about utilizing torture and not disclose it.  Now there’s a debate on doing a criminal investigation on Cheney’s practices.  However, Obama has repeatedly said that we have to move on as country and not look into the past.  People who study constitutional law and pundits have said the government must prosecute who is responsible of handling these torture tactics or we’re going to be the world would view us as losing credibility.

This seems like a chess game Cheney wants to play and the thing is, he does not care and eventually he will get his checkmate, but which route does Obama takes?  He could take the short approach and let Cheney go scot free or he takes the long approach where there’s an investigation, the review of evidence, the charge of Cheney for using torture tactics, the trial, and the decision where it could take 2-4 years, which would be the front page and the other stories from the economy and healthcare will be in the back burner no matter what Obama does.  Simply, Dick Cheney is the Joker.  He wants chaos, make people suffer and challenge the heart of America.   Cheney is doing a great job at it, just ask Nancy Pelosi.  In my opinion, Obama is playing his cards right, but he ain’t getting any help from the media who let Cheney have his talking points.  No wonder people have a disdain with traditional media.

2. Governor Chet Culver

I really hate politics when it gets personal.  People who hold these powerful positions are using their personal agenda and put it to their own use and leave out the government and the people like a dictator would act.  This is where Chet Culver steps in.  He has stated that he is against gay marriage.  When gay marriage was passed in the Iowa Supreme Court, Culver decided not to support an amendment because he read the Court ruling and it was fair.   This goes to show you might not like it personally, but when reason comes to play, you understand why they made the decision.  Governor Culver is moving high on my top politicians list.

3. Washington Capitals

The last game against the Penguins was a killer for me since this could of been the year the curse would of been lifted. However, the Caps gag and its on to next year.  I do hope they get a tough defensemen and play solid D for the whole season.  Only guy I can think of is Chris Pronger, but with the Caps luck, he might get penalized for every time he skates on the ice.  Whatever they do, they earn the trust for D.C. sports fans.  This is an exciting time to be a Caps fan.

4. Twitter

I really enjoy Twitter a lot.  It brought me new friends and met nearly half of my follower list.  The problem is now when is the next big thing.  Twitter is hot right now, but when you have Ashton Kutcher promoting your product, you tend to hesitate that Twitter’s hot streak is short live.  It might have started with the fix replies situation where everyone is up in arms, but will be soon when people join the Twitter bandwagon and the geeks will create and go to another route and the bandwagon effect comes when the product is hot.  That’s how social media goes.

See, that was quick.

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