Tracy’s Random Thoughts October 2008 Edition

Well, this is the first October random thought in two years and there are a lot of things to go through and also I’m tight on budget.  Let’s go:

1.   The Economic Crisis

The number one spot would normally be one month to the elections, but the economic crisis has been a big issue since the stock market took a plunge a few weeks ago.  I’m not a financial guy, but all I know is there were so many factors caused by:

·         Sub-Prime mortgages banks shouldn’t hand out.

·         Liquidity on credit

·         Out of control spending

·         Golden parachutes

·         Excessive loans everywhere.

To me, I think most of the economic crisis is all true that I mention above, but I think behavioral economics play a role as well.  People thought of buying stock and getting houses during the Bush administration thought the surplus would cover it.  However, with war costs almost at a trillion dollars and people believing in false advertising has now caused the economy to drop.  Right now, people do not believe in the current administration and any word Bush says, the market will drop.  Think of it as a roller coaster of emotions and right now, everyone is angry and stocks are on a down slope because of audience reaction.  This indicates the markets and financial structure need an overhaul.  They can’t do anything because they have a lame-duck president and administration that caused this crisis, they have a critical election coming up in three weeks, and when a new president is elected, the person has to start very early.  Of course, the United States can call Paul Krugman now since he is a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics.

2.   The Presidential Election winding down

This leads me to the Presidential elections.  We all know the economy is the number one issue to most of the people.  Obama gets the point.  David Leonhardt points it here; Andrew Sullivan has the copy of his most recent speech in Ohio; and John Talbott has a book called Obamanomics. 

As for McCain:  Here are the crowd reactions about it:  “Terrorist,” “Treason,” “Kill Him!”  It doesn’t mean economics, just trying to put down Obama since McCain’s only answer to the economic crisis is spending freeze, “That One,” “My Friend(s),” and $300 billion mortgage package, which conservatives did not like.  Unfortunately, the negative attacks have given Obama double digit leads in both the national and state polls.  Then last Friday, McCain had to take the microphone off this woman who said Obama was an Arab and he heard enough.

I honestly think this was not McCain’s presidential campaign.  I think he knew he lost the control of the election when Obama made a great speech at the Democratic Convention and he had to top that.  He wanted Joe Lieberman so he can cover both sides of the political aisle.  However, the neoconservatives took over McCain’s campaign and needed the next neocon leader and found one in Sarah Palin.  She has the same demeanor as George W. Bush with a laid back attitude, which would have been great except on this election, it is real policy issues people care about.  If you want to know about this election and their campaigns, one had all the pressure to be a “politician” and play the straight and narrow because of his color, and the other had a possible winning campaign, but sold his soul to the other side for more attention and more voters and it’s costing him.  You already know the picture.

3.   Washington Sports

Redskins – I’m amazed that their 4-2 right now and wins against Arizona, Dallas, and Philly does help on tiebreakers, but they lost to the former winless Rams have second thoughts, but oddly, I knew it was coming, and now they know they have to be focus each game because the division and conference will only get tougher.

Capitals – After that terrible opener against the Atlanta Thrashers, the Caps have won two in a row and looked very strong.  I hope this season will be a Stanley Cup season because the Capitals are now DC’s second favorite team and have the best star in DC in Alex Ovechkin.  By the way, I have the 11-game plan; I already used one last Saturday on the home opener.  Here are the ten games I have and contact me if you’re interested of going:

·         November 8 – New York Rangers

·         November 14 – New Jersey Devils

·         November 28 – Montreal Canadiens

·         January 31, 2009 – Detroit Red Wings

·         February 20 – Colorado Avalanche

·         February 22 – Pittsburgh Penguins

·         February 24 – Philadelphia Flyers

·         March 8 – Pittsburgh Penguins

·         March 27 – Tampa Bay Lighting (Or Melrose’s Mullets)

·         April 3 – Buffalo Sabres

Of course, all these tickets are on the nosebleed sections, but the view is still good.  As I’ve said before, hockey is the best viewing experience of all the sports.

Wizards – Arenas is out, Jamison is hurt, Haywood has a glass wrist.  The Curse of Lez Bullets have hit again.  We’re back to the 80s again.

Nationals – Well, the Nationals have the worst record in the majors and you know that means:

·         Jim Bowden potential firing

·         Sucking up to people to renew their 2009 Season tickets (I’m one of them, but I’m going for the 6-game plan next year and we have the Red Sox at home.  Who wants to join?!).

·         The DC Government can rest on the $3.1 Million office.

·         Stephen Strasburg will be the Nationals number one pick in the 2009 draft, unless the front office really screws this up, which will not shock me.  I heard he’s very good.

D.C. United – There’s no buzz with this team since Freddie Adu was a benchwarmer.  Although they won the MLS Cup in 2004, they can’t win a playoff series.  I’m telling you, it’s the Curse of the Adu (or that Adu has a voodoo doll with pins).

4.   Twitter

This week, I just started up my Twitter profile.  I wanted to see what the rage is all about.  Here are my observations:

·         I can get quick updates on the news.  News alerts are very helpful.

·         It’s the same as the Facebook Status lines.

·         It’s really an enhanced version of the Status line.

I can see why people are enjoying it and its usefulness.  Do I have to describe everything I do?  Here’s what I’m doing:  Doing my blog in shorts, watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann, sad that the Rays are whooping the Sawx, and thinking …. 

Whoops, I’m all out of characters.

5.   Randor Bierd

Something a little special during flu season.  If you are sick or having a bad day, have a picture of Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Randor Bierd on your screen or a frame picture.  I hear a smile from him cures the sick and releases negative energy of your body.  Here you go:


That is all for today.  Just a reminder, I won’t be live-blogging the Pushing Daisies episode because I have other commitments that evening. I will twitter on the last Presidential debate just to be important.  And now, your moment of Zen:  I have none.

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