Tracy’s Random Thoughts September 2008 Edition

Fall has arrived (well, close to there) and I feel fine.  I’ll stop singing  and I’ll just go:

1. Election 2008 underway

Finally, the race to the White House begins and I have to say these three weeks have been very telling.  The Democratic Convention had their big bounce when the Clintons handoff “their power” to Barack Obama and the Republicans got a big bounce by announcing Sarah Palin as her vice president and the speech of a lifetime [sarcasm]  Everyone had a big bump but McCain was big.

The only reason McCain has this big bump is the neoconservatives were losing the elections this year and McCain sold his soul to the neocons.  In a field of Romney, Huckabee, Lieberman, Giuliani, and others, McCain needed a hail mary and momentarily has the momentum with the pick of Palin.  After the convention and the ten verbatim speeches thereafter, McCain has the lead.  By the way, there is a lot of stuff surrounding McCain-Palin in the news.  I would like to post them, but the bandwidth would destroy this blog.  Here’s the summary of McCain is doing:

For the Obama camp, the campaign is all in shock of the Palin success and her rocket shot as the face of politics.  They are panicking because they’re down in the polls and they think they are reliving 2004 again.  I hope they wait out the controversies and focus on the issues.  Of course, the 24/7 media news cycle will determine that.  This is a golden time for Obama to go to his weaknesses and get the small-town vote and discuss in detail his economic plan.  Also, I think Obama is itching for the debates to come by.  However, do you find it odd that the first debate is on a Friday?

One final thing, if Obama wins the Presidential election and the Democrats gets more seats, I want to see the DNC attract the real conservatives in the next two years and make the Democratic Party the party of ideas.  It is not about liberal versus conservatives, it’s now ideas versus ideology and the Republicans prefer the latter.  This is a test for Howard Dean to attract as many people as he wants in his party and could be the dominating party for a long time.  It will never happen, but this move will be bold and politics will be taken seriously since last 8 years was a toy of this current administration.  Oh well.  By the way, Sarah is losing points of not going to the thick-rimmed glasses.  She is going with no rims.  Not a good move.

2. Weather

Since my last random thought, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike invaded America and destroy houses (in my case, the tile of my roof go ripped).  It’s tragic what’s going in the gulf and I’ll send my condolences to the families in Louisiana and Texas.  There are a bunch of networks with their weather people braving through the winds and debris, but the masters of the weather report is always and will be The Weather Channel.  The reports of Jim Cantore, the weather analysis, the post facelift of Alexandra Steele, and local weather and traffic.  Okay, those are lies.  The only reason to watch the Weather Channel is Stephanie Abrams and her tight henleys.  That’s it, that’s the list.

3. Fall Entertainment Preview

Movies – The Dark Knight is very hard to top, but I’m actually interested in The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke.  What the story is a Ric Flair type wrestler (Mickey Rourke) heading into his twilight years and he knows the end of his wrestling career is coming up.  However, his real persona is a mess with a daughter she doesn’t know and hanging in strip clubs.  If you know the true wrestling scene, this could be a must watch and from the reviews, it looks very strong.  I was a big wrestling fan back them and still am a little to this day, and this movie could give a new appreciation to the wrestling business, not WWE particularly.

Music – Metallica, Black Stone Cherry, Kid Rock?!  Apparently, rock is making a comeback again.  Well, not really.  I think the music is too diverse to keep everyone sticking. 

TV – I don’t know any new television show that intrigues me this season.  For me, I’m still waiting for season 2 of Pushing Daisies and still waiting for the DVD releases of Ed and The Knights of Prosperity.

4. Tom Brady

It’s sad that Tom Brady is out for the season with torn knee ligaments and sad for me because he was in one of my fantasy leagues.  The point is twofold: For the fans, stop making t-shirts that Tom Brady has everything and worship Bernard Pollard of ripping his knee.  That’s really sad. 

For the media; this is not the end of the world.  You still have Peyton Manning and you begged Brett Favre to come back.  Football will survive not by superstars in your league.  Your league survives in betting and fantasy football.  The league wants us to believe we care about these stars, but if money is involved in football for the fans, you take it.

That is all and two things I want to say.

  1. I’ll make the big announcement this week, I promise.
  2. Come next week to celebrate the silver anniversary of me.  Yes, it’s the one week I’ll stroke my ego like no other.  And, there is no party, just a bunch of thanks and business (hint).


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