Tracy’s Random Thoughts September-October 2007 Edition

I'll be honest, I haven't written anything because there's nothing in length talk about.  So, here's a list of things I have been thinking.

1. Blackwater - Ah, the smell of the government and contractors shooting down Iraqi civilians.  That's wonderful, now we are truly hated because of this.  Good luck with this.

2. Politics in general - When Bush and Congress approval ratings are at 30%, this country has problems.  I will say this, if you want change, you need to bring the Generation Y voters, however, that's difficult because of our perception that we don't change or the system is screwed up (ok, the electoral college is screwed up). I went to a reception where the keynote speaker was Mike McCurry, former press secretary for President Clinton, and he said people now want change and that's good, but a good set of people are not out there voting.  I will challenge the young voters that if you don't like the candidates, there's a write-in vote and select who you want for president.  Also, next year is a crucial period for this generation to pick the next President because if the young voters don't come, the status quo will remain the same, but if they really care about the future, they better make a move after the holidays.

3. College Football - This is fun, now we have new powerhouses in South Florida, Hawaii, and Kansas.  The dynasties are over in this era.  You might get a 3-4 year run and that's it.  People want playing time, period and this is going to be a great college football season.  Can you say three co-champions?

4. Fall TV Season - There is no buzz for this season's crop of TV shows because people have more choices, affiliation of big networks, and DVR.  There's only one show I'm excited about:  Pushing Daisies.  Saw the first two episodes and they're brilliant.  The premise is great with Ned's unique talent and the chemistry between Ned and Chuck (yes, they use it as a woman's name).  The supporting cast is talented and the one that stands out is Emerson Cod, who is the realist of this fantasy storybook type show.  It's the only show I'm watching and hopefully it doesn't get cancelled (but likely will).

5. Larry Craig - You did it, you plead guilty, but you had a second thought and wanted to change, but you already turn it in.  Dude, give it up.  At least you can go back home and enjoy the potatoes.

6. Movies - Can anyone tell me any good movies out there for the fall/winter.  Can't seem to find one.

7. Music - Don't know anything out there, but I have to say the buzz on music has been there, the problems is the record companies are relying too much on CD sales from stores.  I might be in the minority of this, but Steve Jobs made a brilliant plan of iTunes.  Albums are $9.99 and singles are $0.99.  Problem is that he's controlling too much power and has never made any collaboration to the record companies or entertainment industries.  His big ego is causing these industries to bail on them, but his product is now part of a franchise like Pepsi and Coke.  The entertainment industry need Steve Jobs more than Steve Jobs needs them. 

8. Daylight Savings Time - I wonder the heat wave in October is due to the fact the government expanded Daylight Savings Time?  Ponder that.

9. The little big cities - Last week, I went to Crystal City to attend a conference and meet up with my Internet friends.  I've been through Crystal City, Pentagon City, and Tyson's Corner.  These areas are going to be crucial for businesses and shops but here's what I know:  THEY'RE THE SAME PLACE!!!  The reason I love working in Washington is because of the shops, the atmosphere, the monuments, and the activity.  I'm a Northern Virginian all my life and I knew it was going to expand one day, but the planning hasn't been that great.  Create buildings and shops and business will boom.  It might work in the short term, but they need to build something to make these workers stick in the area.  Now I worried that DC might become Tyson's Corner with several Mom and Pop shops closing for corporate retailing.  Really Sad.  If you want references to this, go to the Nathan's of Georgetown site, where Carol Joynt writes a fabulous blog and tells her experience with her restaurant and the landlord.

10. Facebook generation - I knew people would go into Facebook.  When Facebook open the applications format, it would become big.  Right now, Facebook is the hottest thing in the Internet and could probably stay there.  The reason people like MySpace originally is because it was open to everyone and "express" themselves with photos and wallpaper.  However, when Rupert Murdoch bought it, I knew it would go on a downturn because people are going to stuff ads and stuff crap all over.  On the other hand, Facebook is still independent and have change the social networking structure.  People worried that it will be too big for their own good.  However, the reason I love it so much is you still keep the networks you have and hopefully it could expand.  Also, If you are part of a group, you do feel attached to that group (hence the groups I created)and you want to share information.  Now will Facebook get scrutinized by getting bought by Microsoft or Google?  Absolutely, but the companies need to realize don't mess with a successful product.  Look at MySpace is doing; it's losing visitors and the buzz is there, but not as big as Facebook.  I hope no one screws up Facebook.

That's all for me, I actually have a few things to say this week, so getcha popcorn ready (I would like pizza as well).

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